Congrats to Deb Fischer, our next Nebraska Senator

Bruning?  Nope

Stenberg? Nope

Deb Fischer wins after spending 1/10th of the money.

Unity press conference today with both Bruning and Stenberg getting on board.

The “official” Tea Party people wanted Stenberg.

The “official” party folks wanted Bruning.

And while Bruning and Stenberg pounded on each other, Deb Fischer went out and organized and out campaigned them.  Good for her.

We may disagree with her on alternative energy and agriculture subsidies in the future (based on the positions on her web site), but she is pro-gun, pro-life, pro-balanced budget, and pro-tax relief.

The polls start her out at +10 over Bob Kerrey and we shouldn’t have to do anything more than cheer her along.

Good to see a grass roots upstart with a chance to go to Washington and represent.

Here is her victory speech: