Financing the Revolution Through Your Change (my answer to ColdWarrior's challenge)

ColdWarrior challenged us to ask “What are we going to do to make a difference in 2012?”

Back in 2010, I came up with an idea.  I passed it around to a few people and a few local tea parties used it to raise some money.

Now it’s time to reactivate the idea.


So October 2011 is approaching.

GOP debates are happening right and left.

Candidates are rising and falling.

In the House and the Senate, candidates are still filing and deciding.

But the time is now for you to start your work.

If the Tea Party brings the energy and the Precinct Committeeman Project bring the connections, the only thing missing is the cash.

Yes, we can fall back on fat cat donors, but isn’t the Tea Party and the grassroots all about ordinary people taking back the government.

The money part. That’s where you come and where the Change Jar Conservative philosophy steps up to the plate.

The philosophy is simple:

1) Get a change jar.

2) Every night or once a week throw all your loose change into it.

3) Decide on two candidates or races where you want to divide your money in half.

4) Wait for the opportune moment. (This might be early if you want to get in on the primaries or later if you want to focus on a general election).

5) Cash out your change jar and send in a check.

In the 2010 election, I had a total of about $37.50 to give. For 2012, I’m hoping it will be at least $50.

That doesn’t sound like much until you multiply it by the power of the people.

$50 x 100 = $5000

$50 x 1000 = $50000

$50 x 1,000,000 = $50,000,000

Do you think the GOP could use an extra $50 milllion?

Then spread the word to your tea party members, your friends, and your conservative websites.

Use change to change the world.