The Questions That Should Have Been Asked at The Debate

If I were a billionaire, I’d host my own debate for the GOP.  Each candidate would get the chance to answer five questions without interruption.  After they had each given their answer, I’d allow an attack / rebuttal time of 5/5 minutes each.

1) What is your plan to create full-time jobs in the private sector of this country?

2) Social Security and Medicare are going broke and and the Democrats don’t care. How specifically would you fix the current situation?

3) Illegal immigration is a problem in this country.  How specifically would you fix it?

4) America has been at war for ten years and the Democrats recently added another battle front in Libya.

a) How would you approach the problem?

b) When would you feel it was right to commit US troops to a warzone?

c) Do you think there is a position on foreign policy between “nation building” and “isolationism”?

5)  What current functions of the federal government would you dismantle and return to the purview of the states?