I'm considering running for President (platform below the fold)

Well, not really, but it seems that everyone else is.  Most of my platform, you’ll agree with but for the more interesting part, scroll to the bottom.

o Jim DeMint who said there was no way is now considering it.

o Sarah Palin is doing what ever the heck she is doing.

o Rick Perry is now re-considering it.

o Mike Huckabee said he might reconsider (please, no!)

o Chris Christie is talking to people in Iowa even though he says he’s not considering it

Personally, I blame Mitch Daniels (or maybe Cheri Daniels since the marriage thing appears to be the issue).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with Tea-Paw if that’s where we need to go.

My platform would be pretty standard fair for a conservative:

o Cut the size of government by getting rid of federal regulations and putting a hiring freeze in place and eventually getting rid of some departments.

o Put the Ryan plan or something very close to it into place.

o Ask congress to pass a balanced budget amendment.

o Check all current federal laws to see if they meet the enumerated powers clauses and revoke the ones that don’t.

o Would require all companies to use E-Verify

o All illegal alien males of working age would be sentenced to six months of construction on the border fence until it’s complete.

o I’d take some prison fencing architecture and turn it inside out to use on the border.

o I would take the conservative parts of Newt’s platform that he spoke of on MSNBC (i.e. cut corporate taxes, cut regulations, make equipment 100% write-offable in the first year, rollback Sarbanes/Oxley etc).

o Permanently get rid of the death tax.

o Implement a flat tax somewhere in the neighborhood of 19% and get rid of all tax deductions.

On the financial end of things I would differ from my conservative friends a bit, I would create the Keep American Money at Home plan which would have three main parts:


— For any product where two or more distinct USA companies produce the product in the 50 states, 100% of money spent on said product by the Federal government would need to be spent with those companies.

— In order to increase the number of companies doing such business, for any product that wasn’t already manufactured in the US, I would offer cash incentives for companies that started producing those goods and did so for each of five years (rewards would be increasing as the five years went on).


I would replace social security with a massive mutual fund scheme that would be divided like this:

— 40% of funds would go into publicly traded US companies with more than 50 US employees and 75% of their employees are US citizens.(reward the behavior you want to encourage).

— Another 20% of funds would go into US headquarters based companies with more than 50 US employees and 50% of their employees were US citizens.

— Another 20% of funds would go into any company stock (no matter where they are based) that has at least 25% of their employees as US citizens.

— This last part is trickier.  The last 20% of funds would go into the company stock of foreign companies who meet two criteria: a) Are in proportion to the percentage of their employee base that are US citizens; b) Are co-signers of some new whizbang anti-terror treaty that cuts off all funding to Hamas, Iraq, etc.


o I would identify any “too big too fail” or “too key to fail” and do whatever was necessary to remove that label including breaking up monopolies or forcing said companies to hold less than X percent of market share.

o Once the first section of this plan was done, I’d start letting those companies fail — it’s the American way.


o I’d give Israeal the go-ahead to nuke Iraq’s nuke facilities (play with fire/get burned).

o I’d implement Stephen Pressfield’s plan for Afghanistan ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJsB9-wFAEQ ) ….

o I’d get out of Libya