Add to the comity -- 2012 Redstate Presidential pitch contest

We’ve been called to be more civil in the past few months here at Redstate so I’m going to give you a contest to let you prove that you have what it takes.

Here’s the rules:

1) In the comment section, using only POSITIVE phrases about your candidate, attempt to persuade me that your candidate is the best candidate for the GOP nomination for 2012.

2) Do not use phrases like “my candidate is the only candidate who XYZ” unless it is completely factually (i.e. Haley Barbour is the only candidate  who has been the president of the RGA and the NRC).

3) Do not comment negatively on any other candidates even if you disagree with the statements given by that candidates backers.

4) Do not write pitches for more than two candidates.  Let’s let everyone play.

5) Do feel free to give your pitch even if someone else has given a pitch for the candidates.


1) Anyone who breaks one of the rules above will be counted as a LOSER in the contest.

2) After a few days, I’ll choose what I think the best pitch for each candidate was and post this group of people as the WINNERS.

3) Anyone who keeps the rules but isn’t a WINNER will get a mention in an HONORABLE mentions comment.

So have at it.