Let's Take Over the Georgia GOP


Most of you are familiar with ColdWarrior’s push to fill the Precinct Committeemen slots of the Republican Party with conservatives and push the GOP to the right in all facets of the party platform.

To me, this should be especially true in our most conservative states, where we should be putting forth strong, Jim DeMint type conservatives.

Georgia is such a state and now is the time to take it over.

The precinct level meetings

This website will get you started on what you need to know on how to become a precinct committeeman and a delegate to your county and perhaps the state GOP convention.

Along with using that page to find out your precinct, you will need to search for your county or precinct meeting site (Cobb County where I live is having a massive meet up in one location and then having breakouts by precinct and I suspect many other counties are as well).

Here are the important dates:

  • Saturday, February 12th — Counties larger than 80000 residents meet for precinct level elections
  • Saturday, March 12th — Counties meet for county level elections (small counties combine this with their precinct level elections).
  • Friday/Saturday May 13th/14th — State GOP convention in Macon

Keep in mind that the May dates are likely optional for you since not everyone will be able to be a state delegate.  However, even a two Saturday commitment will offer you the opportunity to help push conservative candidates higher up both your county and the state GOP.

Looking for some help

ColdWarrior (since he’s being a driving factor here), Erick (since he knows Georgia), and any others, I’m looking for some advice to be posted in the comments both on known conservatives in Georgia whose names I should be looking for on the above dates as well as some good questions to ask to be able to distinguish “true” conservatives from those who will turn into squishes moving forward.

Any advice from others who have taken this journey would also be appreciated in the comment section.