Forty-Six years ago today, my mom voted from the hospital for Goldwater

Some people feel this is all you need to know about my political upbringing.

Many of you know that I was a pro-life Democrat until they went instinct. I chose that road for the fondest of reasons — I knew it would drive my dad crazy if I became a Democrat (Dad thinks Rush and Hannity are moderates).

Whenever my birthday falls on the election, I do five things:

1) I go and vote (although I early voted this year)
2) I call my mother and wish her a happy “birthing day”
3) I make sure my friends know to go vote (thank you facebook)
4) I spend the day praying that God would elect the right people to lead our nation regardless of if I think I know who those people should be.
5) I spend the evening with some pizza, some pepsi, and the TV on

Now I’m going to ask you for two birthday presents today (I’m greedy that way).

#1) VOTE (you knew that was coming)
#2) Please share your “turnout” stories with us … they may not tell us ANYTHING about ANYTHING but they sure help pass the time (feel free to use my comment section)

Finally, I’m predicting +92 / 11 Senate seats for today even if the consensus seems to be 65 / 8.

I don’t believe that we won’t flip the Senate and I think that Gallup is right and if they are right, a lot more is going to go red than the “experts” say.