A mea culpa to Jaded and Scope -- Change Jar Conservative -- A third donation -- Nick Popaditch

If you read through my previous diary entries, you will find my idea about using the change piled up in your change jar to make two donations.

The first should go to someone on the RCP “Leans Republican” list and the second to someone in the tossup category.

My first donation to John Raese was met with mild applause, but my second made to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads was derided by a few people because of the Rove connection. The defense I made (and stand by) is that while I didn’t like what Rove did in the primaries, I think that American Crossroads is invaluable in their funding of house races.

Be that as it may and in the interest of keeping my conservative brethern (and sistern) on the same page, I want to make an additional donation (though it’s not coming out of my change jar money) to someone that I think we can all agree on:

Nick Popaditch

Nick is a true American hero who would be a great addition to the Congress.

His patriotism is beyond question and his stands for a strong border, lower taxes, and most of all limited government are what this movement is all about.

And to those who disagreed with my last donation, hopefully, we can agree on this one.

Onward to victory in November.

Let’s roll.