Change Jar Conservative -- My second donation -- American Crossroads


In the first of my posts, I talked here about using your change to take back America and here I discussed why Jon Raese was my first of two donations.

Instead of giving my second donation to someone I picked up off of the list for RCP, I went ahead and sent the money to Karl Rove and American Crossroads.

Why American Crossroads and not an individual donation?

There were several factors that lead to me going against what I said about giving to someone on the “tossup” category of RCP’s house list (my plan as outlined).

  • The first (and this was only a mild push) was Obama’s rant against American Crossroads.

  • The second was a Moe Lane side note that basically “Hey my (stupid) conservative friends. You can’t figure out who to give money to just by watching what I post on the front page. You need organizations like American Crossroads that figure out who needs money full time.” ( I looked for 15 minutes for the post but couldn’t find it).


  • The third was Dick Morris’s rant (yes that Dick Morris has some good things to say) about the fact that the Republicans might shooting low


  • The fourth was American Crossroads big boost in fundraising after the Obama comments.


    It’s time to win, it’s time to give, it’s time to turn out

    Empty your change jar and get that money into the hands of the people who need it.

    Use facebook to promote turnout.

    There are some seats that might be up this election and not again for another 20 years.

    Incumbancy has power and that is a power that we need to seize while we can.