Change Jar Conservative -- My first donation -- John Raese

Changing the world with change

Earlier, I discussed here how all of us can make a difference simply by emptying out our change jars every two years.

You can’t make that difference on your own, but if all of us send of $40 for this election then we can make a difference. One thousand people == $40,000. Ten thousand people == $400,000.

If you haven’t read it, click the link above, give it a quick read and come back.

The first donation — Leans Republican

In my write-up, I note that politics is a grinding business and so after dumping your change jar and dividing it up in two, you’re first donation should be to someone in the “Leans Republican” category.

The reason is that we need to have a good chance of winning with at least half of our money if we are going to continue in this business called politics. I’ve written probably $10,000 worth of checks since 1996 and nothing feels as bad as sending someone (like Jim Talent) a large donation and having him lose on election night.

To counter that, the first of the two donations should go into a race that leans Republican, but is far from a sure thing. (I’ll talk about the second in a couple of days).

Why John Raese?

One of the things that has long irritated me as a conservative is to watch conservative states like Arkansas, the Dakotas, and West Virginia constantly elect people who are much more liberal than their own state.

In fact, if I had a billion dollars, I would use every legal means that I could find to build a conservative bench and pick off as many state house seats, SOS, dog catcher, etc appointments in those four states with the ultimate goal of having 8 long term, solid conservatives in the Senate from those four states.

Enter Jon Raese.

When I saw Raese’s initial polling, I was skeptical.

Once he came out with his first ad, I saw a much more likely chance at this being a winning seat. The polls now have Raese up 5 to 6 points but those will likely tighten. RCP actually calls this a toss up still so it falls slightly outside of where I should put my first donation, but I think that at +6, we’re into leaning territory with Raese so this is where I’m going to drop my money.

Cleaning out my change jar

When I cleaned out my change jar, the total came to $38.50.

That’s not a lot of money by itself, but I believe in one of the main Tea Party principles which is that every little bit helps and that we can take America back as a country if we each give a little time, a little energy, and a little money.

Cut that in half for two donations and Raese is getting $19.25 from me.

Join Me

I’d like to encourage you to join me and do soon so that candidates can have the money to spend on TV now.

Empty your change jar and follow what I’ve outlined here.

Post a link on twitter or facebook to the changejarconservate site as well and let’s bring in some extra money in these last few weeks: http://changejarconservative.wordpress.com/tcjw/