Republicans are only going to get one crack at this

For many years, I have taken the pulse of groups of people around me.

Some are moderate Republicans.  Some are independents.  Some are moderate Democrats.

They are a strong bellweather for elections.

Almost all of them were on board for Bush in 2000.

The first inclinations that they were upset with Republicans was during the increases in spending during the early part of the Bush administration.

Most of them were ready to jump ship during the amnesty fiasco during the summer of 2005.

All but one of the ten voted for Obama with the final nail in the coffin being the TARP bill that Bush signed.

Most of them are back.  Chomping at the bit to vote against the Democrats in 2010.

But the vote comes with a caveat.

They don’t want Republicans to SCREW IT UP AGAIN OR ELSE.

While the polling, excitement, victories in VA/NJ are great, they are only an opportunity.

To ensure a real return to power, the Republicans have to be READY TO GOVERN AS CONSERVATIVES.

That means cutting pork even in your own districts.

It means returning to the time of Reagan on earmarks.

It means cutting regulations so that businesses can start up more easily.

Most of all, it means embracing limited government.

And the real key will be WHO we elect as President.  When I look for someone to support in 2012 with my tme and my energy and my money, it won’t be the best looking or the most conservative on every area (even though I am conservative in 95% of the areas), it will be who is dedicated to the idea of the smallest government possible …. and they better have the proof to back it up.

Because the next time the GOP gets control of the government and they DONT govern like conservatives — the moderates are going to be gone for a long time.