Five Easy Steps to winning in 2010

The lesson that I take away from the election this past week is that people are focused on the economy more than ever.  While the default conservative positions that we all know and love will make great back drop (conservative judges, pro-life, pro-gun), but people want specific tangible approaches to creating jobs.

To that end, I would propose the following five step proposal for the GOP to get behind.

1) A six month holiday from Social Security taxes for both business and individuals.

This will put money in people’s pockets and that money will get spent.  It will help individuals get caught up on debt, give them money to spend that will go into other industries (i.e. small vacations or eating out), or go towards investments.

Businesses will use that money as well.  I suspect at least some of them will use it for capital spending that they would have had to otherwise skip and capital spending means jobs.

2) Put a zero growth limit on all non-entitlement spending for two years.

Yes.  There are places that will hurt us, but if we believe that the free market is great and that governement tends to waste money, this is a place to start.

3) Fast track through permits for nuclear plants and other alternate fuel energy plants.

These are people who WANT to create jobs and are being held back by red tape.  Each of these projects will generate jobs from skilled labor down to unskilled labor.

4) Push use of the SS security database down to all companies larger than 20 employees as a requirement and enforce against those companies that don’t use it.  Follow through on raids of businesses that we already know are using illegals (or “strongly suspect).  We need a smaller handle for this one.  Previous raids have shown that once the illegals are cleared out, Americans do take those jobs.

5) Limit the number of visas for high end workers from over seas.

Yes.  I know this one isn’t popular but trust me I have enough friends who are high skilled workers and unemployed to fill all of your needs.  You will have to pay them more than $10 an hour though.  The visa for techincal workers started years ago as a real need, but it has degenerated into a way to get cheap labor.

Give that list to any candidate and I think they can use it or something like it to win in 2010.