Would you be okay with federal Romney-Care plus tort reform?

I pose the question in the title, “Would you be okay with federal Romney-Care plus tort reform?” for three reasons.

#1) I probably would be okay with that (which I’ll explain later)

#2) I think that is where we may be headed

#3) I think congressmen of all stripes would be hard pressed to vote against it

Romney-Care (as used here)

For those who don’t know what RomneyCare is, it was then Republican Governor Mitt Romney’s attempt to cover everyone in Massauchesetts with health care coverage.

Some will say it was a failure (especially in the comments on this thread) while others of us see it as a not bad first attempt.

It contains among other things:

Mandatory coverage with teeth

Coverage options so that people can essentially buy only catastrophic care (i.e. very high deductables) if they choose to.

I haven’t followed all of it, but those two things jump out.

Our Current Road

One thing that I’m not sure if you’re observing is that Obama is working toward a Bi-Partisan bill not through normal negotiations but through giving in to the demands of the Republican protestors.

Republicans:  We hate your bill, no public option.

Obama: Okay, we don’t need a public option.

Republicans: Tort reform is the only way to reduce costs.

Obama: Okay, we can talk about tort reform.

Republicans: You’re going to cover illegal aliens

Obama: Okay, we’ll put in something about illegal aliens.

Republicans: If you cover pre-existing conditions, no one will by health coverage

Baucus (haven’t heard Obama on this): Everyone will have to have coverage

Republicans: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What’s Our Next Objection?

The question may eventually come down to this:  Are Republicans willing to support National Healthcare in any form?

This could be problematic for Republicans because MOST people out there would like some sort of healthcare for everyone.

We need to understand where we stand on this issue because we could very quickly be backed into a corner by Obama and the Democrats and be looking at a large percentage of Americans wondering why we oppose health care for the poor when all of our objections have been answered by Obama.