Five Questions I hope Red State Readers can answer

Okay so I know this isn’t the usual Redstate Diary but I have these thoughts that go through my head from time to time and I thought you guys might be interested.

1) What ever happened to the idea of converting garbage into to oil or gasoline? I mean, seriously, there has to be some point where it becomes economically feasable.

If ever there was an all-American renewable resource, garbage is it.

2) Has anyone considered a tax credit per American worker?

I have no idea what it would cost, but if you gave each company a $5000 tax credit per 40 hour American worker that they had, it seems like THAT would bring jobs back to the US. It’s sort of like dropping business taxes only a bit more targeted.

3) What is the status of the middle class Bush tax cuts? Have they been renewed or made permanent? If not, where do McCain and Obama stand on them. And if Obama is not going to renew them then why isn’t McCain running Ads talking about how much your taxes are going to go up because Obama won’t renew them?

4) Are there any organizations out there whose prime motivating factor is to leverage right leaning organizations and have them get people to register?

Like some organization who goes to the NRA and asks them for volunteers to do a door to door canvessing in conservative areas in Colorado (we should be able to find addresses that don’t have registered voters) and try to get them to register?

5) What happened to Mary Katherine Ham?
She went from being on O’Reilly all the time and blogging for townhall all the time to appearing occassionally on O’Reilly and writing occassionally for the DC Examiner to P * O * O * F. Now I’m not a major MKH groupie (though I might be if I was single), but I’m wondering where in the blogosphere has she disappeared to?

I saw one note that she had some sort of minor surgery, but that was four or five months ago.