Let's Translate This Energy Into Something Useful

We are all aware of the tremendous energy out there in the wake of the Palin nomination and the subsequent polling.

There is still time for YOU to get out and do something useful.

Right now, the best way that we can help McCain and Palin succeed is to register voters in heavily Republican areas of swing states or states with close Senate races. Even one additional Republican Senator could make the difference in blocking bad legislation from overriding a veto or help confirm a conservative judge.

Contact your state or county(parish) Republican party and ask them when you can help or push them to get something going.

Here are some states that either have close house, senate, or Presidential races and the deadline for registering voters:

Colorado — Deadline — October 4th (close senate and presidential race)

Georgia — Deadline — October 6th (close house race or two)

Louisiana — Deadline — October 4th (middlin’ senate race)

Michigan — Deadline — October 4th (close presidential)

New Mexico — Deadline — October 6th (close presidential and senate race)

North Carolina — Deadline — October 9th (close senate race)

Ohio — Deadline — October 30th (close presidential race)

Pennsylvania — October 30th (close presidential and house races)

South Dakota — Deadline — October 20th (middlin’ senate race)

Virginia — Deadline — October 5th (close presidential race)