Can Sarah Palin rescue congress

We have already annointed her as the saviour of the McCain candidacy and in the long run of the Republican party.

You probably don’t want me to unfocus her and use her for something else, but I can’t shake the feeling that Sarah Palin could be the answer to Republican congressional woes in 2010 and maybe even a little in 2008.In some ways, she has probably already pushed McConnell, Dole, and Chambliss out of any danger they may have been in simply by changing the GOTV outlook for the GOP.

This will probably also push a few house races into more likely Republican territory.

However, I wonder if she could make a difference both in fundraising and base excitement in such places as Colorado, New Hampshire, Louisiana, and New Mexico when it comes to the Senate races of 2008.

Or perhaps showing up in some of those close congressional districts such as Louisiana 6, Texas 22, Virginia 11, Pennsylvania 11 or Ohio 15 could be enough to help GOP hopefuls raise cash and awareness and steal a few seats back from the Dems.

Surely in the 2010 election cycle (win or lose in 2008), she should be able to stoke huge amounts of cash for the GOP in tough Senate and House races.

I don’t want to distract from the need to win and I surely think this race is close to +1/+3 McCain than the gaudy +10 that USA Today is showing us this morning, but well, we’ve got a racehorse here and we a lot of help.