Get Sarah Palin on the phone

Tonight Barak Obama electrified a crowd and perhaps the nation.

No, I’m not some shill for Obama and on my personal blog, I’ve already written why a speech is simply an exercise in teleprompter reading. Obama can read a teleprompter … I get it.

But I am not the typical American. The typical American is going to see the glitz, the hype, and the man and they are going to, in large part, respond to his call to “do something big.”They will do so because many of them are scared, or tired or the war, or simply want someone who is telegenic and does not remind them of George W. Bush when he speaks.

And while McCain is not Bush III, you certainly won’t mistake McCain for JFK either.

Obama does bring rock star status to the presidential race. Brings it in a way that we haven’t seen since JFK. Obama is probably up by a solid 8 to 10 by Monday in the polls.

And, frankly, you don’t beat Rock Star or a 10 point lead with Tim Pawlenty.

I like Tim Pawlenty, but rock star he ain’t.

Sarah Palin (or another female) WOULD bring you a game changing moment.

Yes, yes. I feel the rocks hitting me .. they all say .. no identity politics. Take the best guy.

Tim Pawlenty IS identity politics. He’s a midwesterner, evangelical not named Huckabee. Don’t get me wrong — aside from global warming, I’m pretty okay with Pawlenty. I’m just saying that the reason it’s Pawlenty and not Huntsmen is that we’re looking for someone wih a midwestern identity.

Sarah Palin is a smart, conservative, female. In fact, she’s MORE conservative than Pawlenty.

She’s also one of McCain’s only hopes as of this morning.