I'm okay with KBH as the VP

About Me:Before I get beat up for this diary, let me just clarify that I am a strong conservative and that I generally line up with Redstate. The two areas where I stray are 1) jobs going overseas (and no I have no good answers on what to do about it) and 2) that Carly Fiorinia is a good person/advisor/etc

Read Below to see the Negatives, Positives, and Break Evens of a KBH Vice Presidency.

The NegativesLet’s get these out of the way as quickly as possible.

She voted in a sense of the Senate resolution supporting Roe vs WadeI’m not going to apologize for this vote. It is what it is.

She is pro-choice but she can’t be TOO pro choice if NARAL gives her a 7% rating.

She isn’t the best speakerI admit that I haven’t heard her speak so I don’t know how she would do against Biden.

The Positives

She is generally conservativeShe has a lifetime rating of > 90% from the ACU.

She is for low taxes.She is pro gun.She is against citizenship for illegals.She is against gay marriage.She supports the war on terror.

There is more, but those are the ones that jump out.

She will give the clinton delegates a place to landKeep in mind that many independent women who were voting for Hillary weren’t thrilled with Clinton herself but were excited about breaking the glass ceiling.

Hutchinson gives those voters FOUR reasons to vote for McCain/Hutchinson: 1) Obama snubbed women and McCain didn’t. 2) It will be better for Hillary to run against candidate Obama in 2012 then to run against President Obama. 3) We can break one glass ceiling in 2008 (that of VP) and then try for another one in 2012. 4) They will get a chance to vote for a pro-choice woman.

Hutchinson is more like Hillary (not just the pro-choice part) than Palin is.
Age, experience, hairstyle, pantsuits 🙂 Hutchinson is an older woman. The undecideds are the older women.

Women who like Barak but think he’s not ready have an out as well.There are a lot of women who like Barak but think he needs to build his resume further. This gives them another way to feel good about that vote.

I honestly think this ends it, in our favorI think that this will give us a buzz and will shift the overall vote strongly into our favor. I think that if we are truly sitting at a 45 to 45 to 10 (undecideds) stance right now, that this will move us to 50/45/5 McCain.

BreakevensMcCain is 100% pro-lifeThat should be more than enough of a reason for so-cons to come out and vote for him even if his VP is not 100% pro-life.

In other words, McCain’s pro-life stands should mitigate Hutchinson.

We aren’t going to win in both 2008 / 2012Don’t talk to me about the VP in 2008 being the favorite in 2012. If we win in 2008, we lose in 2012. Period. End of story. Obama is back or Hillary. Even if McCain chooses not to run, the country is simply going to be ready for a change.

My point is that I don’t think that KBH as a VP opens us up for a pro-choice Republican President.