Four VP Gambits

1) THE FEMALE GAMBIT — Sarah Palin.

Upside: Conservatives will love her. Women will vote for her (not all of them, but some of them just to break the “glass ceiling”). Good campaigner, means Biden will have to be careful in his debate attacks to not be seen bullying and we all know how careful Biden is.

Downside: Trooper gate, does she fit McCain’s personality style.

Other choices here but unlikely: Jody Rell, KBH, Marsha Blackburn


Upside: Stuck with McCain through thick and thin. More conservative than McCain.

Downside: Relatively dull. Could he handle Biden in a debate?

Other choices here but unlikely: Lindsey Graham.

3) THE RICH GUY — Mitt Romney

Upside: Romney is young and even younger looking. He’s telegenic and speak on his feet. I think he would SHRED Biden in debates. Rich friends could give to 527s.

Downside: Some Romney clips could be used against McCain, but not as many as Erick thinks. Some evangelicals won’t vote for a Morman and may not vote on the ticket (I’m an evangelical and I would vote for Romney, but I know some who won’t … just saying). How many houses do Romney and McCain own between them … class warfare is never out of style.

4) THE ONE TERM GAMBIT –Peggy Noonan raises the fact that McCain could probably seal the deal with a pledge to run only one term.

This gives Americans a chance to punt for four years on Obama who they like, but doubt is ready.

The downside is that McCain has already said no to the idea.

4a) One term with Palin — Hillary voters now have two reasons to vote McCain — break the glass ceiling of female VP AND keep Barak out of the White House so Hillary has a level playing field in 2012.

4b) Liebermann — Again you make it easy for McCain to sell the whole plan. Republicans would be a bit less leary of Liebermann as a VP if they knew it was for a single term and McCain would get to be a maverick. Dems would feel better knowing that they were getting essentially the VP spot for their guy so another reason to vote for this ticket.

4c) Anyone else, but with the one term pledge in place — picks up some Hillary voters who want her to be on an even field with Barry in 2012. Picks up some reluctant Repubicans who can stomach McCain for four years instead of Barry.