Let's trade Vice Presidential promises

In the coming days (probably about 10), John McCain will name his running mate.

We have discussed them ad nauseum on this forum and the pros and cons of all of them.

There are two names that I sincerely hope to show up next to McCain. Huckabee because he is a fraud and a big government conservative and Carly Fiorina because she has destroyed two companies (HP and parts of ATT) and because she is the “queen of outsourcing.”*

But tonight, I’m here looking to trade promises with you. Here’s mine.

I promise to vote for McCain even if he picks Huckabee or Carly as his VP. Yes, I know the VP slot may mean more with McCain and honestly, I expect he will lose if he picks one of the above, but I’m still going to promise you this: That I would love four years of McCain picking judges, handling the war, and trying to hold of the Democratic congress.

In fact, as much as I dislike Carly Fiorina (and its a lot), I can honestly say that should she somehow manage to become President then she would still do less damage to the US than Obama would. Of course, I’d say the same thing about Hillary.

So as we approach McCain’s choice, be it Fiorina, Huckabee, Ridge, Romney, or whoever, I’d like to exchange promises with you to vote for McCain even if it means holding your nose.


** — More on Carly.As an HP employee who watched her “lead” the company versus how Mark Hurd currently LEADS the company I can tell you that this is not a story about Hurd finishing what Carly started. Well, it is in a sense, but a picture might be a better example.

Pretend that there was a huge arena like those police academy shooting sites and you were told that you could spend twenty minutes walking through it and then you would have a certain amount of time to go through the shooting exercise.

If you were to use this as an example of what Carly did, you could equate her to having a revolving Colt shotgun and a blindfold on as she randomly ran through the maze firing left and right helter skelter. Whereas Mark Hurd, is more like a sniper. Yes, a couple of guys get hit with the friendly fire but at least he’s trying to minimize the damage.

All of which is to say … both are cutting employees, but at least Hurd appears to be helping the company at the same time.