Former Mitt Romney Advisor Sits on the Board of Burisma

Never Trump love to shout from the mountain tops how pure as the driven snow they are. They cite Trump’s immoral boorishness and norm breaking as pretty much the only reason they, “actively try and destroy Trump.” The above phrase in quotation is important because they have admitted as much to the world.

They love to look down their noses at Trump voters as uneducated deplorables and they go along with any left wing conspiracy theory the left cooks up about Trump no matter how damaging it is to this country. This is all a facade though. They tell the world they are its moral betters when in reality they are just hypocrites.

Case in point is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney started the week saying to reporters that Trump’s Ukrainian call was very troublesome and repeated the same horse**** statement even after he read the notes on the call. Make no mistake, part of the reason Romney did this is because he hates Trump, but there might be an even more sinister reason. It turns out that Romney’s advisor, Joseph Cofer Black (Ex CIA), who was brought on to advise Romney on foreign policy for his 2012 campaign, was appointed to the Burisma board on February 2017, 6 months after Hunter Biden left the company.

Romney’s advisor being on the board of Burisma does not prove that Romney or even Black are in on the Ukrianegate hoax or that they have committed any crimes, but it is a coincidence that I find very interesting. At the very least, a conservative reporter needs to ask Romney about this conflict of interest and whether this association colored Romney’s remarks on the subject.