2010 Class of Senates Predictions

Yea some folks maybe aregress with some of Predictions here but I am taking risk to call them


 joe miller

AK Joe Miller

(Attorney, Ex-US Magistrate Judge & Army Veteran)GOP Held Seat


AR-John Boozman

(Congressman, Ex-Rogers School Board Member, Optometrist & Rancher)


CA- Carly Fiorina

(Ex-Hewlett Packard CEO & 2008 McCain Campaign Advisor)


CO- Ken Buck

(Weld County District Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide)


CT-Linda McMahon

(World Wrestling Entertainment Ex-CEO, State Board of Education Member & Sacred Heart University Trustee)


DE-Christine O’Donnell

(Political Consultant)


FL-Marco Rubio

(Ex-State House Speaker & Attorney)-GOP open Seat


IL-Mark Kirk

(Congressman, Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & Afghan War Veteran)


IN- Dan Coats

(Ex-US Senator, Ex-Congressman, Ex-US Ambassador to Germany, Attorney & Lobbyist)


KS-Jerry Moran

(Congressman, Ex-State Senate Majority Leader & Attorney) -GOP open Seat


KY-Dr.Rand Paul

(Physician & Son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul)-GOP open Seat


MA-Scott Brown

 (State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-Wrentham Selectman, Attorney & National Guard Veteran)GOP Won Seat


MO-Roy Blunt

(Congressman& Ex-US House Minority Whip)-GOP open Seat


ND-John Hoeven

(Governor & Ex-Banker)


NH-Kelly Ayotte

(Ex-Attorney General)-GOP open Seat


NV- Sharron Angle

(Ex-State Assemblywoman& Businesswoman)


OH-Robert Portman

(Ex-US Budget Director, Ex-US Trade Representative, Ex-Congressman & Attorney)-GOP open Seat


OR-Jim Huffman

(Law School Professor and EX Law School Dean)


PA-Pat Toomey

(Ex-Congressman, Club for Growth President & Businessman)


UT-Mike Lee

(Attorney & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide )-GOP Held Seat


WA-Dino Rossi

(Ex-State Sen & Realtor) 


WI-Ron Johnson

(Plastic Manufacturer)


WV- John Raese

 (Ex-State GOP Chair & Industrialist)