2010 GOP Congress Predictions


AL-CD02-Martha Roby ( Montgomery City Councilwoman)

AL-CD05 Mo Brooks ( Madison County Commissioner, Ex-State Rep.& Ex-District Attorney)GOP Held Seat

AZ-CD01 Paul Gosar (Dentist)

AZ-CD03 Ben Quayle (Attorney, Venture Capitalist & Son of Ex-Vice President Dan Quayle)GOP Open Seat

AZ-CD05 David Schweikert (Maricopa County Treasurer, Ex-State Rep& Businessman)

AZ-CD07 Ruth McClung (Rocket Scientist & Physicist)

AZ-CD08 Jesse Kelly (Iraq War Veteran & Construction Executive)

AR-CD01 Rick Crawford (Farm Broadcaster, AgWatch Network President & Army Veteran)

AR-CD02 Tim Griffin (Ex-US Attorney & Ex-Karl Rove Politicial Associate)

AR-CD03 Steve Womack ( Rogers Mayor, Financial Consultant, Ex-Radio Station Manager & National Guard Veteran)GOP Open Seat

CA-CD11 David Harmer (Attorney)

CA-CD19 Jeff Denham (State Sen., Businessman & UAF Veteran)GOP Open Seat

CA-CD20 Andy Vidak (Rancher & Tea Party Activist)

CA-CD37 Star Parker (Conservative Activist, Author & Businesswoman)

CA-CD47 Van Tran (State Assemblyman, Ex-Garden Grove Councilman, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide)

CA-CD51 Nick Popaditch (Iraq War Veteran & Author)

CO-CD03 Scott Tipton (State Rep & Pottery Company Owner)

CO-CD04 Cory Gardner (State House Minority Whip, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide)

CO-CD05 Ryan Frazier (Aurora City Councilor, Businessman & Navy Veteran)

CT-CD01 Ann Brickley (Businesswoman)

CT-CD05 Sam Caligiuri (State Sen., Ex-Waterbury Board President & Attorney)

FL-CD02 Steve Southerland (Funeral Home Owner)

FL-CD05 Rich Nugent (Hernando County Sheriff)GOP Open Seat

FL-CD08 Daniel Webster (Ex-State Senate Majority Leader, Ex-State House Speaker & Businessman)

FL-CD12 Dennis Ross ( Ex-State Rep. & Attorney)GOP Open Seat

FL-CD22 Allen West (Retired Army Officer& Iraq War Veteran)

FL-CD24 Sandy Adams (State Rep., Sheriff’s Office Investigator & USAF Veteran)

GA-CD02 Mike Keown (State Rep., Ex-Coolidge Mayor, Baptist Pastor & Ex-Prison Deputy Warden)

GA-CD07 Rob Woodall (Ex-Congressional Aide & Attorney)GOP Open Seat

GA-CD08 Austin Scott (State Rep. & Insurance Agent)

GA-CD12 Ray McKinney (Nuclear Services Manager)

HI-CD01 Charles Djou (Honolulu City Councilman, Ex-State House Minority Leader, Attorney & Army Veteran)Seat Won

IA-CD02 Mariannette Miller-Meeks ( Ophthalmologist& Ex-State Medical Society President)

IA-CD03 Brad Zaun ( State Sen. & Ex-Urbandale Mayor)

IL-CD09 Joel Pollak (Attorney, Author & Conservative Activist)

IL-CD11 Capt.Adam Kinzinger (Ex-McLean County Commissioner& Iraq War Veteran)

IL-CD14 Randy Hultgren (State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-DuPage County Commissioner & Attorney)

IL-CD17 Bobby Schilling (Pizza Restaurant Owner & Ex-Factory Worker)

IN-CD02 Jackie Walorski (State Rep. & International Non-Profit Group Founder)

IN-CD03 Marlin Stutzman (State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Farmer) GOP Open Seat

IN-CD04 Todd Rokita (Secretary of State& Attorney)-GOP open Seat

IN-CD08 Dr.Larry Bucshon (Cardiologist & Navy Veteran)

IN-CD09 Todd Young (Attorney, GOP Activist & USMC Veteran)

KS-CD01Tim Huelskamp (State Sen & Farmer) – -GOP open Seat

KS-CD04 Mike Pompeo (Manufacturing Executive & Republican National Committeeman) GOP open Seat

LA-CD03 Jeff Landry (Attorney)

MA-CD04 Sean Bielat (Management Consultant & USMC Veteran)

MA-CD06 Bill Hudak (Attorney & Vending Company Owner)

MA-CD10 Jeff Perry (State Rep., Attorney, College Professor& EX Police Officer)

MD-CD01 Dr.Andy Harris (State Sen., Physician & Naval Reserve Officer)

MD-CD05 Charles Lollar (Businessman Charles County GOP Chairman & USMC Veteran)

MI-CD01 Dr.Dan Benishek (Surgeon & GOP Activist)

MI-CD02 Bill Huizenga(Ex-State Rep., Businessman & Ex-Congressional Aide) GOP open Seat

MI-CD03 Justin Amash (State Rep.  & Attorney) -GOP open Seat

MI-CD07 Tim Walberg (Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Rep.  & Minister)

MI-CD09 Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski (Ex-State Rep., Attorney & Army Vet)

MI-CD30 Dr.Robert Steele (Physician)

MN-CD01 Randy Demmer (State Rep., Businessman& Farmer)

MN-CD4 Teresa Collett (Professor)

MN-CD08 Chip Cravaack (Airline Pilot & Navy Veteran)

MO-CD4 Vicky Hartzler (Ex-State Rep,Religious Right Activist, Author & Ex-Teacher)

MO-CD07 Billy Long (Auctioneer) GOP open Seat

MS-CD02 Bill Marcy (Retired Police Officer& Tea Party Activist,)

MS-CD04 Steven Palazzo (State Rep., Accountant & USMC Veteran)

NC-CD02 Renee Ellmers (Nurse& Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce President)

NC-CD07 Ilario Pantano (Police Officer & Iraq War Veteran) 

ND-CDAL Rick Berg (State Rep., Ex-State House Speaker & Real Estate Developer)

NM-CD01 Jon Barela (Ex-State Party vice Chair & Ex-Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce President)

NM-CD02 Steve Pearce (Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Rep., Businessman, USAF Veteran)

NH-CD01 Frank Guinta (Ex- Manchester NH Mayor& Ex-State Rep)

NJ-CD03 Jon Runyan (Ex-Pro Football Player)

NJ-CD06 Anna Little (Highlands Mayor, Ex-Monmouth County Freeholder, Attorney & Tea Party Activist)

NY-CD02 John Gomez (Ex Radio Host)

NY-CD13 Mike Grimm (Businessman, Ex-FBI Agent & Gulf War Veteran)

NY-CD19 Dr.Nan Hayworth (Ophthalmologist)

NY-CD20 COL.Christopher Gibson (Retired Army Officer)

NY-CD22 George Phillips (Teacher & Ex-Congressional Aide)

NY-CD23 Matt Doheny (Attorney & Investment Banker)

NY-CD25 Ann Marie Buerkle (Assistant State Attorney General & Ex-Syracuse City Councilor)

NY-CD29 Tom Reed (Corning Mayor)

NV-CD03 Dr.Joe Heck (Ex-State Sen., Physician & Iraq War Veteran)

OH-CD01 Steve Chabot (Ex-Congressman, Ex-Hamilton County Commissioner & Ex-Cincinnati City Councilman)

OH-CD06 Bill Johnson (Businessman, Anti-Tax Activist & Retired USAF Officer)

OH-CD15 Steve Stivers (State Sen., Financial Executive & Iraq War Veteran)

OH-CD16 Jim Renacci Ex-Wadsworth Mayor, Businessman & Arena League Football Team Owner)

OK-CD05 James Lankford (Youth Camp Director & College Professor) GOP open Seat

PA-CD03 Mike Kelly (Ex-Butler City Councilman& Auto Dealer)

PA-CD07 Pat Meehan (Ex-US Attorney, Ex-Delaware County District Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide)

PA-CD08 Mike Fitzpatrick (Ex-Congressman, Ex-Bucks County Commissioner& Attorney)

PA-CD11 Lou Barletta (Hazleton Mayor & Businessman)

RI-CD01 John Loughlin (State House Minority Whip, Media Consultant & Army Veteran)

SC-CD01 Tim Scott (State Rep., Ex-Charleston County Council Chair & Businessman) GOP open Seat

SC-CD03 Jeff Duncan (State Rep., Realtor & Auctioneer) GOP open Seat

SC-CD04 Trey Gowdy (Spartanburg County Solicitor & Ex-Federal Prosecutor) GOP Held Seat

SC-CD05 Mick Mulvaney (State Sen.,Ex-State Rep.  & Businessman)

SD-CDAL Kristi Noem (State Rep., Businesswoman & Rancher)

TN-CD03 Chuck Fleischmann (Attorney & Ex-Radio Talk Show Host) GOP Open Seat

TN-CD004 Dr.Scott DesJarlais (Physician)

TN-CD06 Diane Black (State Sen., Ex-State Rep & Nurse)

TN-CD08 Stephen Fincher (Farmer & Gospel Singer)

TX-CD17 Bill Flores (Businessman & State Real Estate Commission Member)

TX-CD23 Francisco “Quico” Canseco (Attorney &, Businessman)

TX-CD25 Dr.Donna Campbell (Ophthalmologist)

VA-CD05 Robert Hurt (State Sen., Ex-State Del., Ex-Chatham Town Councilman & Attorney)

VA-CD09 Morgan Griffith (State House Majority Leader & Attorney)

WA-CD02 John Koster (Snohomish County Councilman, Ex-State Rep& Business Consultant)

WA-CD03 Jaime Herrera (State Rep & Ex-Congressional Aide)

WA-CD09 Dick Muri ( Pierce County Councilman, Ex-Steilacoom Historical School Board Member & Retired USAF Officer)

WI-CD07 Sean Duffy (Ashland County District Attorney & Ex-MTV Real World Cast Member)

WV-CD01 David McKinley (Ex-State GOP Chair, Ex-State Del.,Architect)

WV-CD03 Elliott “Spike” Maynard (Ex-State Supreme Court Justice, Ex-Circuit Court Judge, Ex-Mingo County Prosecutor & Ex-Democrat)

Morgan Philpot
UT-CD02 Morgan Philpot (Ex-State Rep., Ex-State GOP vice Chair & Attorney)