Time for Mama Bear to get her footing in NH and FL

Gov.Sarah Palin has been putting tougher  her footing for a run in 2012 with her endorsements in SC(Nikki Haley) and Iowa(Terry Branstad). Now it time for Sarah Palin to started backing some candidates both in two huge keys states of NH and FL. Palin has endorse War hero and retired LT.COL Allen West in the state of FL but there are biggest run she need to help get the best candidates over of the line to win. In FL the state has shown a lot fan fair for Gov. Palin and in NH the state has been kind to female candidates in the past on both parties. Before Sarah Palin get to making her  endorsements in both NH and FL she need to find the best ones to win .

In FL the key race is the Senate race where you got Ex-State House Speaker & Attorney and conservative superstar Marco Rubio  vs king RINO Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist is running 3ard psrty because Marco Rubio was going to beat him and he hope that he will win as a 3ard party candidate. Marco Rubio has been endorse by most of the 2012 candidates but he said he would love to have palin endorse him. As of right now some polls have  Rubio winning and some have Crist winning let see how a Palin endorsement in this case. There are also some key congressional elections that are going on that could charged the power in DC. One race to look is who to back to take out the world’s most crazy congressman the code pink loving  Alan Grayson. There are two candidates that come to mind that could beat this nut job they are Patricia Sullivan and  Daniel Webster.Patricia Sullivan said she is running is because of Gov.Palin and is a tea party candidate Daniel Webster is a very popular is this area and could beat Grayson 1-2-3.

In my home state of NH  we too got a key Senate race that can charged the power in where the dems got Obama lap dog Paul Hoodes running for Sen.Greg’s seat. On GOP there are no real tea party candidates running but it Old Guard GOP VS Young Gun GOP with the two main candidates Kelly Ayotte(Young Gun) vs Ovide Lamontagne(Old Guard). In this race the pick is clear to pick and that is Kelly Ayotte  is the one to back. On paper Kelly Ayotte is the most like Gov.Palin and fit the Mama Bears that she has been backing. The are two congressional elections where the seats are held by two Obama’s lap dogs and the poll have it that the GOP can take them back. In the NH CD1race  the clear pick to back is Frank Guinta the former mayor of Manchester NH Frank Guinta has a strong conservative record as mayor and is like by the tea party.In the NH C2 race  you got ex congressman Charlie Bass trying to get his old seat back but there Jennifer Horn  is a strong conservative and has been called the Palin of NH . This will be up to Gov.Palin on who she will back in that race but she will pick where her heart tell her to pick.