2010 US House of Reps GOP Freshmen class

Here is my first take on what the gop class for congressmay look like in 2010(This list could change at anytime)

Martha Roby
AL-CD02 Martha Roby (Montgomery City Councilwoman)
Les Phillip
AL-CD05 Les Phillip (Businessman, GOP Activist ,Navy Veteran & Tea Party Organizer)-GOP held Seat
Princella Smith
AR-CD01 Princella Smith (Congressional Aide & Conservative Activist)
AR-CD02 Tim Griffin (Ex-US Attorney & Army Veteran)
AR-CD03 Brig. General Bernard Skoch (Retired USAF Brigadier General & Consultant)-GOP open Seat

AZ-CD01 Bradley Beauchamp (Attorney & Ex-Teacher)
AZ-CD03 Vernon Parker (Paradise Valley Mayor, GHW Bush White House Aide & Attorney)-GOP open Seat
4-AZ-CD05-David Schweikert (Maricopa County Treasurer, Ex-State Rep & Businessman)
Jesse Kelly
AZ-CD08 Jesse Kelly (Iraq War Veteran & Construction Executive)
CA-CD11 Elizabeth Emken (Autism Public Health Advocate)
CA-CD19 Jeff Denham (State Sen., Businessman & USAF Veteran)-GOP open Seat
CA-CD27 Navraj Singh ( Hotel Developer, Ex-Restaurant Owner & Indian Army Veteran)
Star Oarker
CA-CD37 Star Parker (Conservative Activist)
CA-CD47 Van Tran (State Assemblyman, Ex-Garden Grove Councilman, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide)

CA-CD51 Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch (Iraq War Veteran & Author)

CO-CD04 Cory Gardner (State House Minority Whip, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide)

CO-CD07 Ryan Frazier (Aurora City Councilor, Businessman & Navy Veteran)

CT-CD04 Will Gregory (Non-Profit Group Executive Director)

CT-CD05 Justin Bernier (Ex-State Military Affairs Director & Afghan War Veteran)

FL-CD12 Dennis Ross (Ex-State Rep. & Attorney)–GOP open Seat

FL-CD22 LT.COL Allen West (Retired Army Officer & Iraq War Veteran)

FL-CD24 Sandy Adams (State Rep, Sheriff’s Office Investigator & USAF Veteran)

FL-CD25 Alex Diaz de la Portilla (State Senate Majority Leader, Ex-State Rep. & Political Consultant)-GOP open Seat

GA-CD02 Mike Keown (State Rep, Ex-Coolidge Mayor, Baptist Pastor & Ex-Prison Deputy Warden)

GA-CD12 Chief Carl Smith (Thunderbolt Fire Department Chief & Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs Ex-President)

HI-CD01 Charles Djou (Honolulu City Councilman, Ex-State House Minority Leader, Attorney & Army Veteran)

ID-CD01 Vaughn Ward (Iraq War Veteran, Ex-CIA Officer, GOP Activist & Ex-Congressional Aide)

IL-CD09 Joel Pollak (Attorney, Author & Conservative Activist )

IL-CD11 Capt.Adam Kinzinger (Ex-McLean County Commissioner & Iraq War Veteran)

IL-CD14 Randy Hultgren (State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-DuPage County Commissioner & Attorney)

IN-CD04 Todd Rokita (Secretary of State & Attorney)-GOP open Seat

IN-CD08 Dr.Larry Bucshon (Cardiologist & Navy Veteran)

IA-CD03 Brad Zaun (State Sen & Ex-Urbandale Mayor)

KS-CD01 Dr.Jim Barnett (State Sen & Physician)-GOP open Seat

KS-CD03 Daniel Gilyeat (Disabled Iraq War Veteran)

KS-CD04 Mike Pompeo (Manufacturing Executive & Republican National Committeeman) -GOP open Seat

LA-CD03 Kristian Magar (Industrial Engineer, College Professor & National Guard Veteran)

MA-CD02 Dr.Jay Fleitman (Physician)

MA-CD09 Keith Lepor (Business Development Analyst, Author & Combat Photojournalist)

MA-CD10 Jeff Perry ( State Rep., Attorney & College Professor)

MD-CD01 Dr.Andy Harris (State Sen., Physician & Naval Reserve Officer)

MD-CD05 Charles Lollar (Businessman ,Charles County GOP Chairman & USMC Veteran)

MI-CD02 Jay Riemersma (Ex-Pro Football Player & Religious Right Activist)-GOP open Seat

MI-CD03 Bill Hardiman (State Sen. & Ex-Kentwood Mayor) -GOP open Seat

MI-CD07 Brian Rooney (Attorney, Iraq War Veteran & Brother of Florida Congressman Tom Rooney)

MI-CD09 Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski (Ex-State Rep., Attorney & Army Veteran)

MO-CD07 Jack Goodman ( State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Attorney)-GOP Open seat

MS-CD01 Angela McGlowan (Fox News Analyst, Conservative Activist & Author)

NC-CD02 Renee Ellmers (Nurse & Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce President)

NC-CD07 Ilario Pantano (Police Officer & Iraq War Veteran)

NC-CD08 Lou Huddleston (Communications Consultant,& Army Veteran)

ND-CDAL Rick Berg (State Rep. & Businessman)

NH-CD01 Frank Guinta (Former Manchester NH Mayor & Ex-State Rep)

NH-CD02 Jennifer Horn (Radio Talk Show Host & Conservative Activist)

NJ-CD03 Jon Runyan (Former Pro Football Player)

NY-CD01 Randy Altschuler (Businessman)

NY-CD04 Frank Scaturro (Attorney, Law Professor & Author)

NY-CD13 Mike Grimm (Businessman, Ex-FBI Agent & Gulf War Veteran)

NY-CD19 Dr.Nan Hayworth (Ophthalmologist)

NY-CD20 COL.Christopher Gibson (Retired Army Officer)

NY-CD23 Doug Hoffman (Accountant, Community Activist & Army Veteran)

NY-CD25 Ann Marie Buerkle (Assistant State Attorney General & Ex-Syracuse City Councilor)

NY-CD29 Tom Reed (Corning Mayor)

NV-CD03 Dr.Joe Heck (Ex-State Sen., Physician & Iraq War Veteran)

OH-CD15 Steve Stivers (State Sen., Financial Executive & Iraq War Veteran)

OH-CD16 Jim Renacci (Wadsworth Mayor,Businessman & Arena League Football Team Owner)

OH-CD18 Jeanette Moll (Ex-Guernsey County Court of Common Pleas Magistrate)

OK-CD05 Kevin Calvey (Ex-State Rep, Iraq War Veteran & Attorney)- GOP open Seat

PA-CD07 Pat Meehan (Ex-US Attorney, Ex-Delaware County District Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide)

PA-CD10 Malcolm Derk (Snyder County Commissioner, Ex-Freeburg Borough Councilman & Pastor)

PA-CD11 Lou Barletta (Hazleton Mayor & Businessman)

PA-CD12 LT.Col William Russell (Businessman, Retired Army Officer & 9/11 Survior)

PA-CD13 Brian Haughton (Fire Fighter & USAF Veteran)

RI-CD01 John Loughlin (State House Minority Whip, Media Consultant & Army Veteran)

SC-CD01 Tim Scott (State Rep., Ex-Charleston County Council Chair & Businessman)

SC-CD03 Jeff Duncan (State Rep., Realtor & Auctioneer) -GOP open Seat

SC-CD05 Mick Mulvaney (State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Businessman)

TN-CD03 Robin Smith (Ex-State GOP Chairwoman)-GOP open Seat

TN-CD06 Maj Gen Dave Evans (Retired Army Reserve Major General & GOP Activist)

TN-CD08 Stephen Fincher (Farmer & Gospel Singer)

TX-CD23 Will Hurd (Ex-CIA Officer)

VA-CD02 Brig. General Bert Mizusawa (Army Reserve Brig. General)

VA-CD05 Robert Hurt (State Sen., Ex-State Del., Ex-Chatham Town Councilman & Attorney)

VA-CD08 Matthew Berry (Ex-Federal Communications Commission General Counsel)

VA-CD09 Morgan Griffith (State House Majority Leader & Attorney)

WA-CD03 Jaime Herrera (State Rep. & Ex-Congressional Aide)
Sean Duffy
WI-CD07 Sean Duffy (Ashland County District Attorney & Ex-MTV Real World Cast Member)

WV-CD1 David McKinley( Engineer, Businessman, Former State GOP Chairman & Former State House Minority Leader)

WV-CD3 Elliott “Spike” Maynard( Former Supreme Court Justice, Circuit Judge, Prosecuting Attorney& U.S. Air Force Veteran)