Palestinian Contrived

Let us dispense with the pervasive myth of the ‘Palestinians’ as an oppressed “people.” As a cultural identity created in the early twentieth century, the ‘Palestinian’ cause has been used to perpetuate anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli and anti-western views around the world, as well as ensuring a persistent motivation for conflict between Arab-Muslim nations and the western world.  While as compassionate people, the Judeo-Christian West is sympathetic to beleaguered populations (take a fifty year “cold war” against the Soviet Union, for example, and the de-humanizing and immoral ideologies that underpin the falsehood that is communism) two adages apply perfectly to the current (and nearly 100 year old) situation in the Middle East.  ‘Make your bed and lie in it’ and ‘go to bed with dogs, wake up with fleas’ perfectly summarize the true cause of the manufactured plight of the the ‘Palestinian’ people.

From Yasser Arafat’s two-faced dealings with Israel and the United States in the nineties, to the inability of the West Bank’s supposedly moderate leadership to control extremist elements, to the purposefully self-destructive actions of Gaza’s duplicitous Hamas overlords; the history of the Middle East peace process over the last 25 years has been fraught with misplaced Israeli overtures, ‘Palestinian’ intransigence, and the world’s inappropriate and unjustified support for such a caustic cause.  While the Israeli government takes unnecessary precautions to protect civilian life, the ‘Palestinian’ movement has shown a gleeful willingness to use civilians as human shields; whether firing rockets from schools and hospitals or using innocent schoolchildren as cannon fodder in the front lines of their protests.  The ‘Palestinian’ leadership (both Hamas and Palestinian Authority) have ensured their own financial security by amassing millions, even billions, in ill-gotten personal fortunes, while the citizens under their depraved thumbs suffer before a worldwide media focus.

With an estimated net worth of over two billion dollars (1), Hamas’ current terrorist kingpin, Khaled Mashal, is quick to point out the poverty and deplorable conditions in Gaza, while he has used the ‘Palestinian’ cause to accumulate billions for himself.  Billions that a better man would use to improve the Gaza Strip’s infrastructure and uplift the well-being of his people.  Even Yasser Arafat, an unrepentant terrorist, who personally scuttled the last true chance for peace between Israel and the ‘Palestinians,’ died with a personal fortune estimated between three-hundred million and one billion dollars (2).  With a history of exploiting the dire situation faced by their fellow ‘Palestinians’ for personal fortune and fame, it is plainly evident that a two-state solution which guarantees peace and security for both populations is not in the private interest of such cancerous ‘Palestinian’ canines.  While many, in recent years, have used the term apartheid to describe the Israeli’s treatment of ‘Palestinians,’ the true divisions exist between those ‘Palestinians’ in power who exploit the conditions of their people for personal gain, and their Arab neighbors who eagerly abuse the ‘Palestinian’ refugee’s living within their borders to further exacerbate and inflame tensions and carry on a status quo of hatred and mistrust.

An estimated five million ‘Palestinians’ live outside the West Bank and Gaza Strip in refugee camps spread between Jordan, Lebanon and Syria (3).  While ethnically, linguistically and culturally no different than the Arab populations they are kept separate from; the perpetuation of the ‘Palestinian’ falsehood has allowed the dominant powers in these countries to deflect from their own shortcomings and maintain a manufactured crisis that allows hatred for Israel and the West to continue to fester. By refusing to assimilate a refugee group that is culturally and ethnically no different than the Arab population in the broader region (mind you, they have had almost seventy years to welcome and integrate their ethnically Arab brothers and sisters); Lebanon, Syria and Jordan are true perpetrators of an apartheid system that takes a segment of their society, and through arbitrary and unjust reasoning creates a separate underclass of people who are denied the benefits and conveniences of living a fair and humane existence.

Around the world, the support, both financial and through a twisted moral equivalence, that these ‘Palestinian’ factions receive shows a gross ignorance of the true nature of the ‘Palestinian’ cause.  The dissemination of biased and contrived humanitarian crises finds a ready and willing ear in corners of the world where anti-Semitism percolates under, and on, the surface of society.  Misleading media blitzes obscure gross malfeasance and crimes against humanity when ‘Palestinian’ leadership deliberately makes targets of hospitals, schools and other civilian locations by placing weapon stockpiles and siting rocket launchers within their confines.  Additionally, civilians are blatantly and proudly used as human shields as a battle-field tactic against the cautious, careful and civilized Israeli military.  With such an unashamed disregard for the safety and well-being of their own people, the current, corrupt and self-serving ‘Palestinian’ leadership has exposed itself as uncivilized and undeserving of the opportunity for self-determination.  Arab neighbors treat their fellow Arab Muslims as nothing more than pawns in a purposefully distracting and deceptive ruse.  With the intent of distracting domestic audiences at home and perpetuating an anti-Israeli bias abroad; Jordan, Syria and Lebanon have shown an unwillingness to play a constructive role in creating a safe and secure region.  Beyond the Middle East and broader Muslim neighborhood, the lies and distortions in media reports inflame an ignorant and misinformed world.  At its roots, the ‘Palestinian’ cause is a contrived invention.  A falsehood successfully intended to generate a deep chasm between the Judeo- Christian and Muslim world, and ensure the continuance of hatred and hostilities between Israel and the so-called ‘Palestinians’





Forbes estimated his net worth at $300 million in March 17th, 2003 issue

An estimate from a group of U.S. audiors placed his net worth closer to $1 billion  http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h2060.html





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