No Problem With Immigration

The debate on immigration reform has been getting a lot of press lately due to the bi-partisan immigration reform bill presented by the “Gang of 8” in the U.S. Senate.

Members of this “Gang of 8” include Sen. Marco Rubio (R), Sen. John McCain (R), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), Sen. Jeff Flake (R), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D), Sen. Robert Menendez (D), Sen. Michael Bennet (D), and Sen. Richard Durbin (D).

Why Rubio would want to thrown in with the likes of McCain and Graham are beyond me but that is a topic for another debate.

The essentials of the immigration reform bill sponsored by this “Gang of 8” include:

(1) A path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, oops guess I’m not allowed to say that anymore (@@), I mean undocumented immigrant, by allowing for permanent residence status. Technically, this sounds like amnesty to me but call it what you want.

(2) The reduction of visa backlogs through expedited visa applications for permanent residence. Again, sounds like amnesty.

(3) Expansion of visa options for low-skilled and un-skilled workers. This sounds somewhat like a guest worker program but again sounds suspiciously like another path toward amnesty.

In any case, throughout all of the current discussion on immigration reform something has dawned on me about the problem with our country’s immigration system. This is nothing new and exciting or mind-blowing so don’t get too excited. It’s a pretty simple conclusion that I have come to.

There is no problem with our country’s immigration system.

That’s right. I said it and let me repeat it. There is NO problem with our country’s immigration system.

The problem exists within the enforcement of our current system. The simple fact is that the problem isn’t with our immigration laws. The problem is with our government’s enforcement of these existing laws.

Being a libertarian-leaning type of person you would probably assume that I am for open borders but this is one area in which I probably fall out of favor with many libertarian-types. I do not believe that open borders is the answer. In fact, I think it would cause a bigger problem. I think that allowing any and all to come in and take advantage of our country’s goods and services would be a huge detriment to our society. I will explain why with an analogy.

Imagine that the world is the Titanic and the United States is a lifeboat. It is plainly obvious that the lifeboat only holds so many people and if you try to fill it past its maximum capacity, the rest of the people in that lifeboat are going to drown. If you and your children were in that lifeboat, and the absolute maximum number of people who it could hold was, for example, 10 people, once filled, would you allow more than 10 people on that lifeboat or would you do what you could to ensure that you and your children were safe and make sure that they didn’t drown? Personally, I would do everything I could to ensure that the lifeboat stayed afloat. This is the position our country is in. If we continue to allow more and more people in without any checks and balances, our country will essentially sink.

So anyway…this country has immigration laws already on the books. These immigration laws would work if they were properly enforced but that is the problem. They are NOT properly enforced. Our federal government does not need to make new laws to try to improve the immigration system. Our federal government needs to protect our borders as it is constitutionally mandated to do so. Our federal government, the Executive Branch specifically, needs to enforce those laws that are already on the books to improve the immigration situation in America.

The problem is, our federal government is, and has been, asleep at the wheel for some time now.

It’s time for them to WAKE UP!

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