Oklahoma Set to Spend...More?!?

Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t one of the tenets of being a conservative the idea of reducing government spending?

If that is the case, we must not have real conservatives in the Oklahoma Legislature because according to their recent budget proposal, government spending is set to INCREASE BY $250 MILLION!!!

And whats even worse than that is that House Democrats feel that the increase is “wholly inadequate.” I am really trying hard to wrap my head around that. Our legislators and Governor want to spend over $200 million more in the new budget, which in and of itself is preposterous, but the Democrats think it’s not enough?!?

How a legislature dominated by “conservatives” can increase spending is beyond me. Unless, of course, you come to the realization that I have in that our legislators, well, most of them anyway, are not nearly as conservative as they would like you to think they are. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most of our legislators are only in office to line their own pockets and spend the taxpayer’s money.

Look at the triumvirate of politicians we have that came up with this budget: Gov. Mary Fallin, brand-new Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon, and Senate President Pro Temp Brian Bingman. All of them are Republicans. All of them are so-called conservatives. But all of them want to the state government to spend more.

This is not conservative thinking.

I hope groups like OCPAC are paying attention to what’s going on here. If Oklahoma’s conservatives are okay with their politicians spending more of their money, then there is something seriously wrong in Oklahoma and with its conservatives.

I’m on to you people? I’m watching you very closely.

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