Gov. Fallin Pandering to OK State Chamber...Again

Gov. Mary Fallin is bound and determined to get Obamacare implemented in some way, shape or form in Oklahoma and the introduction of a new Senate bill regarding Medicaid expansion is her latest ploy.

Although the people of Oklahoma have told her time and time again that they do not want Obamacare in Oklahoma, the threat of the withholding of campaign funds from the State Chamber has Queen Mary singing a different tune.

SB640 is being introduced by State Sen. Brian Crain and Rep. Doug Cox, both Republicans ironically.

The essence of the bill is to expand the Medicaid program in Oklahoma

Sen. Crain and Rep. Cox claim that this bill has nothing to do with Obamacare claiming that the federal funds will be redirected to private insurance. They obviously are naive as to where the money for this Medicaid expansion is coming from. It is coming from Obamacare money! The Affordable Care Act designates a certain amount of money to go to each state to expand their Medicaid program and those are the funds this bill seeks to use. Whether the money is redirected to private insurance or not, it’s still Obamacare money!

I have been hearing this commercial lately on KTOK that I assume is being funded by the State Chamber since they are all for Obamacare. The jest of the commercial is that accepting money from the federal government so it can be spent on Oklahomans is something we can ALL agree on. Well, I have news for them. It is NOT something we can ALL agree on! I don’t want any federal funds for health care. The federal government is not supposed to be involved in health care. It is not a core function of the federal government. Despite what the Supreme Court says, it is unconstitutional for the federal government to be involved in health care. So no, I don’t want your federal funds and I don’t agree with you.

You see, the reason why the State Chamber is so interested in these federal funds and why they are so interested in the implementation of Obamacare in Oklahoma is because they are representing the interests of the medical insurance community. They do not represent the interests of the voters. That is why the members of the State Chamber are not elected officials. Our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Senators and State Representatives ARE elected officials and they are supposed to represent the wants and the needs of Oklahoma’s voters, not the special interests like the State Chamber.

It is no secret that the State Chamber funds the campaigns of many of our elected officials but it is time that these elected officials do the job that they were elected to do and represent the people, NOT the special interests.

This means you too Gov. Fallin. So they won’t contribute to your re-election campaign? so what! Have the guts to do what is right and run your re-election campaign on the issues rather than pander to the special interests.

2014 is coming very soon Governor and we are watching you very closely. Be warned.

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