Foreign Law Bill Signed by Governor Fallin

In 2010, Oklahoma voters approved a state question to ban Sharia Law from being implemented in the state. That law was deemed unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court because it singled out Sharia law.

House Bill 1060, which is essentially the same law but leaves out the language that singles out Sharia law, was recently signed into law by Governor Fallin.

It was passed by the Oklahoma State House 85-7 and passed by the State Senate 40-3. The 7 Reps that voted against the bill in the House were Floyd, McPeak, Hamilton, Rousselot, Shelton, Sherrer, and Williams. The 3 State Senators that voted against the bill in the Senate were Johnson, McAffrey, and Shumate. My State Senator, Clark Jolley, was strangely absent from this vote. All of those that voted against this bill (in both the House and Senate) were Democrats by the way.

The law takes effect on November 1, 2013.

The very fact that we need legislation that says foreign or religious law will not apply in this state is slightly befuddling but if we need a law that says so, so be it.

However, I myself question anybody that would be opposed to this legislation. Unless the person is a devout Muslim and would like to see Sharia law implemented in this state and in this country, I don’t understand why somebody would be okay with applying Sharia Law, or any other religion-specific laws, in our courts.

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