The case against biden

Obama will pick Biden because of his foreign policy experience. Thats real funny. We just need to point out right away that Mr. Biden was one of the few who voted AGAINST the use of force in the first Gulf War. How could he vote against it? Even arab countries wanted to use force against saddam. Sounds like Biden was a Neville Chamberlin. Be nice to saddam, just give him more time.

John McCAIN needs to make the case of the Supreme Court. Just imagine who he would appoint to the supreme court. Obama would put Pro-abortion people on there, no doubt. Obama raised my blood level a great deal when he said that it is terrible that a lot of the citizens of the U.S do not speak more than one language. I hate it when people talk down about America. After all, I am a Republican. I know Obama really likes the Left wings in France and other countries, but he needs to relize that if it were not for the boys of the greatest generation, if it were not for people like George Patton, the boys of normady and pointe du hoc, the french would be speaking german today.

May Jesus Christ always bless America