Israel: Finish It

Posted by Tim K.

Originally posted at http://jumpinginpools.blogspot.com/2009/01/israel-finish-it.html

I am perhaps the most pro-Israeli person I know, and I am not Jewish, I am a Christian Conservative, and this is the land of Israel. Hamas is a band of ruthless terrorists who like other Arab leaders want the destruction of Israel to come about, a two state plan will never work, a three state plan (as UN ambassador Bolton has suggested) will never work, only a one state plan – the entire gaza strip & west bank in the rightful hands of the owner, Israel will work.

The invaders have overstayed their welcome, they refuse to call Israel a nation, they refuse to have peace, because they are hellbent on Israel being no longer, I hope Israel will just decide to take over their entire region and give all of the invaders to the U.N. and all of the Euro nations that push for “peace”, you want peace? THEN YOU TAKE THEM!

Everytime Israel does anything to defend themselves, the waves of Anti-Semite ravagings by the Liberal left just flood around the world.

I support Israel, they need to take their land back.