Karl Marx and America 2015

Using Karl Marx’s ideas to help the middle class is like using Adolf Hitler’s ideas to help the Jews.

Karl Marx hated the middle class and the system that makes the middle class possible (Capitalism). Even the laziest student can open The Communist Manifesto and read the first page where Marx writes at length about his hatred of the middle class (the bourgeoisie as he calls them).

I recommend reading it to every Marxist I argue with. The document is free online.

But to date, not one of them have. It’s so much easier to just sit on their ass and argue with me. Being educated about it is beneath them. They’re far too busy pushing the system to understand it, what it wants and how it works.

The Communist leader Lenin dubbed his followers “the useful idiots” and they are useful for the people pushing a Marxist utopia.

Interestingly a lot of the useful morons get offended when you call them Communists. “Socialist” sounds so much better. They’ll tell you that socialism is way different than Communism. After all, their college professor/pot head friend/favorite actor (rap star) told them so.

Alright – I’ll play their stupid game.

What are Bernie Sanders, [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ], Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the other “Socialists” pushing right now? Let’s take a look shall we:

  • New regulations on private business: from auto makers and hospitals to cake shops and pizza places, the government is now going to dictate who will be served, what price they will charge, when they will be open, who they will hire etc. Who really owns your business in 2015?
  • They want to raise the income tax as high as they can get it. High income earners will pay more. They’ve never met an income tax increase that was enough.
  • They want to raise the “death tax” as high as they can get it. There is “unfairness” in the idea that when you die, the government only gets measly more than half of your net worth. They should get more.
  • New taxes on companies that flee the new regulations/taxes. If you leave, you will leave all of your property in the US geopolitical boundaries.
  • Low interest Federal loans for students and businesses. Moreover these loans need to come from the government. As great Native American leader [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] points out: it’s not fair the big banks get big low interest loans.
  • A war against “hate speech”. Using the FCC and the FEC they’re going to get rid of hurtful or abusive forms of expression. Obama said just a few days ago that there needs to be a crackdown on media outlets he doesn’t like.
  • Focusing on “roads and bridges.” They’re going to spend lots of money rebuilding our “crumbling infrastructure”. The Amtrak crash is already being blamed on lack of funding.
  • An end to “income inequality”. All people will be paid the same. In addition, Union membership will be encouraged.
  • Free community college for two years. There will also be a system of “jobs programs” which will teach people skills they can use in the workforce. The (ex) Socialist Bernie Sanders has just recently come out in favor of four free years of college for all.

Every single point above was laid out in The Communist Manifesto, chapter 2. Someone please show me where the Socialists and the Marxists disagree.

Of course, we’re also told that there’s a big difference between Coke and Pepsi, McDonalds and Burger King, Mac and PC. (Ironic that product differentiation is a staple of Capitalism.) But the point is everything about Marxism is ironic.

Another idea from the The Communist Manifesto is amnesty for illegals (though it wasn’t in his bullet points). “Working men have no borders.” Wrote Marx. The idea was that Communists would move from state to state to state, they’d vote for Communists to take over the government and then move on to the state.

Sound familiar? Amnesty is trendy in Washington right now. And the first thing we’ll do is make sure all those new immigrants can take part in the election system. Hell, there are already places giving non-citizens the right to vote already.

So what’s wrong in 2015?

Answer: nothing.

Everything is going exactly as Karl Marx planned it: the sagging economy, massive debt, out of control regulations, a ruling elite lording above the lowly peasants – all of it. California looks like a feudal state? It’s actually looking like a Marxist one: a land of serfs serving various petty lords. There’s no middle class.

Just think: people used to go to California, New York, Detroit because of the boundless opportunities presented in these places. Decades of Marxist rule later, everyone’s trying to get the Hell out. The only people who go there are uneducated immigrants planning to live off the generous welfare state – just as Karl Marx envisioned.

In fact, the middle class is disappearing. A cocktail of high taxes, excessive regulations, heavy handed petty politicians are running them off – just as Marx had in mind.

But just like Tom Sawyer’s friends who paid him to whitewash the fence, the middle class keeps voting for it. We love our Marxism and we’re never going to give it up. Even conservatives love their government checks. I have yet to meet a conservative who didn’t have glowing praise for Social Security.

“We deserve it, because we paid in.” snarl the recipients.

Social Security comes out of your paycheck. It’s the FICA deduction. If you are getting a paycheck, you’re paying Social Security. Rich people don’t tend to get paychecks. They don’t work because they’re rich. Poor people don’t have jobs so they don’t pay it either.

Thus Social Security recipients are riding the backs of the middle class – which is what Marx wanted.

Now consider: most people are paid twice a month. That’s two FICA deductions. And according to Bernie Sanders, the average Social Security check is between 1200 and 1300 dollars a month (note that he’s in favor of raising the monthly amount.)

So how many people put in 600 to 650 dollar in to Social Security every pay check? I’m guessing very few (if any).

See how this works?

Don’t worry – we’re not going to do anything with Social Security (except maybe raise it.)

One can’t help but think of the monkey trap. Take a nut shell and cut a hole in it. Wire it to the ground, drop in a pebble and wait. The monkey watching you will go to the shell, reach in and grab the pebble. Of course, with his hand in a fist he can’t get it out of the shell.

Western society is just like that monkey: running around, thinking it’s the smartest, wisest creature on the planet. It’s grabbed this Marxist idea and won’t let go. Instead it stands here screaming about what it was promised and how unfair everything is even as the hunter slowly walks over, sharpens his knife and takes careful aim at the neck.

It will never let go.

We will never dump the Marxist dream. We will never give up the quest for the Marxist utopia. Even as it becomes more and more obvious that it’s going to destroy our system and ruin all our lives. We’re still never going to dump it.

Greece is facing financial Armageddon. Are they dumping it? People are starving in Venezuela due to Socialist policies. Are they reversing course? The United States is sliding into the toilet. Are Americans voting any different?

Politicians know this. That’s why they rushed Obamacare. Now that it’s law, it’ll never be repealed. They got you. Social Security will never be repealed either – even if it’s obvious it’s going to completely bankrupt us.

And this is why the political class has no respect for you America. The bourgeoisie keep voting for their own destruction.

It’s the middle class in the audience cheering at their rallies. It’s the affluent that’s at the Occupy Wall Street camps demanding the neo-Marxist utopia. Its comfortable college professors living at plush universities teaching us the goodness of state where most people will live as peasants.

And this is why the rich and powerful are pushing it. These will be the leaders of the new system. There’s no hypocrisy for them. Karl Marx planned for a ruling class that would live in opulence above the pathetic peasants who live in squalor. That’s how the system is designed to work.

The irony gets deeper still. When someone like me points out where we’re headed, it’s the middle class that starts sneering. It’s the middle class that argues the loudest. It’s the middle class that won’t listen.

Schoolkids are taught the story of the Trojan horse. The Greeks couldn’t get through the walls of Troy so they built a great wooden horse and hid inside it. When the Trojans took the horse inside, the Greeks snuck out and opened the gates.

That’s the short version of the story.

In the longer version the Trojans debated what to do with the horse. A lot of them didn’t want the horse inside their walls. One old warned that the horse was hollow and could be full of Greeks. To prove his point, he beat on the side of horse with his cane. A woman named Cassandra foresaw that the horse would bring the city’s destruction. But she was cursed by the Gods to see the future, but no one would believe her.

The Trojans thought the only way to make the decision was to vote on it.

The man who told this story was named Homer and he lived in the city of Athens, which was a democracy at the time. Is this really a story about a wooden horse? Or is there a deeper warning about what happens when a large group of ill-informed idiots gets together to vote?

The Marxist state promises a life free of responsibility. Everyone is viewed as and treated as a child. Don’t have any food? We’ll feed you. Don’t have a house? We’ll give you a place to live. Can’t afford the house you’re in? We’ll bail you out. We’ll pay for your education and your vacation. Get pregnant? We’ll play for your abortion. Spend all the money you want too – we’ll just give you more. You don’t have to save for retirement. We’ll give you money after you stop working.

When arguing with a Marxist, you’re arguing with a child: a spoiled, entitled, ungrateful child with a gross sense of entitlement who believes it your duty to serve them. In their minds it’s all about them and feeling good about themselves. This is why there are drug and alcohol problems, petty theft and sexual assaults at the Occupy camps.

It’s funny that these people often argue by stating they “care”.
Someone needs to ask them what it is they care about.

So what happens when you round up all these brats in one playroom and there’s not enough toys/cookies/milk to go around? We’re in process of finding out. But one thing is clear: they’re not blaming themselves. When you’re irresponsible, nothing’s your fault. Just ask any drunk or junkie.

Our politicians are the smartest people on the planet. They have the idiot populace chopping at the bit to vote for their own destruction. The schools and the media do need some of the credit for this (see bullet 6.)

And by the way, Jesus wouldn’t have been a Communist either. Karl Marx hated religion. He considered it a bastion of the weak minded. “The opiate of the masses” he dubbed it. If you’re going hold reverence for something, you need to hold it for the state. If a committed statist like Raul Castro is interested in returning to Catholicism, the new Pope is sending out the wrong message. But I’m sure committed Catholics will sit here and argue with me too.

Most often when I talk to people about all the above, they call me a fascist. Most of these people love the word ‘fascist’ so much that they sprinkle it throughout their rants. They love to throw it around. Everyone opposed to it and their Marxist agenda is an evil fascist trying to oppress them.

Demonstrates just how great a job our schools have done at dumbing down the population. Benito Mussolini was a Communist who became disgusted with the Communists lack of action. So he left and set up the Fascist party. He then ruled Italy in what could only be described as a socialist way.

Mussolini defined “fascism” as the government seizing property from private individuals who were not serving the common good.

Someone said that fascism would eventually take root in the United States under the cover of anti-Fascist laws. The guy was wrong. It will take root in the US under the guise of “consumer protection”.

Obama took our hospitals because they weren’t serving the poor. ‘Obamacare is better than I don’t care.’ Chant the Obama supporters. They took over the auto companies to better serve the workers there. [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] wants to take over the banks because the banks aren’t serving their customers. The FCC takeover of the internet in violation of a court decision was justified as ‘consumer protection’. The FCC now wants to give broadband to the poor for no charge. Nevermind that they don’t own any of this. They’re going to take it because they want it.

The Fascism is here and it’s in the Marxist camps.

I admire Bernie Sanders and [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ]. I admire Barack Obama. At rallies, how do these people stop themselves from pulling down their pants and urinating on the assembled mass? That has to take a lot of willpower.

Why would they not? Their idiot followers aren’t ever going to vote for something else.