I'm Voting For John McCain

I don't usually follow a presidential election as close as I'm following this one and I've surprised myself with my observations. I've heard about personality transformations but this is the first time I've actually observed one. I'm talking about Barack Obama and his transforming from a man of the people to a man for himself. When he first announced his candidacy for the nomination of the Democratic party, he was a man of the people, someone who still had his humility at the honor of being the first black man to do so. He actually appeared interested in what the people had to say and listened, for a while. Over the past year, he had come to believing his own campaign speeches, believing that he is the messiah destined to bring the American people together and fixing the ills of this country. He had gone from a man of humility to a man of arrogance and that turns me off. Just watching him watch himself on a TV screen and admire himself, the way he turns to get his best side toward the cameras and now, with Secret Service protection, an untouchable man except by his handlers. Handlers? Is that the right word? Yes it is for that is exactly what they are. His so-called advisers now control his every move, his every word and and his every jester to the point where he's a changed man. If only his millions of followers would step back and see the man he has become, they would abandon him in a New York minute. They would see a man who now uses his wife and children as stage props to enhance his media stardom. He now is a man possessed with himself.
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