Playing the race card

 Barack Obama opened the box by playing the race card first and has

rightfully been slammed for doing so but it has strayed from the campaign trail to America’s living rooms and engulfed Americans, black and white alike. I am a white, anglo, backyard Baptist originally from Texas, Vietnam Veteran, retired electrician and consider myself very opinionated but never have I been called a racist before, until now.

I have been called racist because I don't support Obama for President,

that I won’t support him because of the color of his skin. That is not true. I don’t support Obama simply because he’s a manufactured candidate, manufactured in that he’s been groomed by his handlers to speak, look and act with one thought in mind – sit in the Oval Office. I watched all the debates between he and Clinton and could see the transformation live and in living color before my eyes. His speech changed, his dressing changed, the way he stood and the use of his hands but especially his tone. Now that doesn’t change overnight unless he had training on the sideline.

 But one thing stood out above all the rest, he spoke with empty words

but they sure had feeling. Like Chief Dan George once said, “White man speak with forked tongue.” Okay, so Obama is only half white but the it still speaks true. Obama has learned to feed the fears of the average America with enriched bombastic rhetoric. It reminds me of the Tribbles, of Star Trek fame, they eat and eat but produce nothing. Now, because I don’t buy into his false promises, I’m a racist. Can I be the only one in America who sees through him? No but how it will be handled has yet to be seen. The next two months will be interesting in seeing how Obama continues to flim-flam the gullible public and how John McCain can unmask Obama for what he is.

I must admit that I'm not a big fan of John McCain or the Republican

party, he has his faults like all of us, but at least McCain has an idea of how to fix this country and like all ideas, are subject to change depending on circumstances. I have several posts on thisisby.us expressing my feelings toward Obama and have been slammed for doing so, but there are those who support my opinions. I will continue speaking my mind about Obama and hope that others will support me; I won’t cry if they don’t.

 So for the next two months, John McCain can hear my voice as I support

his bid for POTUS and the White House. Don’t disappoint me, John.