Un-American Mobsters and Other Undesirables


Well now the leadership of the democratic party is calling anyone against the Healthcare or Health Insurance Reform Bill or whatever the new PC name it is, are now being called; Nazis, un-American, mobsters and evil mongers. WOW I can’t believe the problem they are having against the American people. OK actually I can believe it. Because they have no clue about Americans. One of the Senators from Missouri gets upset that the people at here town meeting were talking loud. Well I got news for this Senator, this isn’t the Senate floor. We don’t have to be polite and sit quietly to her canned speech and then thank her for giving the masses her time. Now go home and vote for me when my term is up again.


This is the way these people think of the average American, we are a bunch of rubes in fly over country and they know all that is good for us. Even the President says for us to basically shut the hell up and he will make the world better after he cleans up the mess created by the right wing nut jobs. Well we have news for the President, we like our healthcare providers, we like our health insurance by large margins. What we don’t like are people that refuse to better themselves and live off the government. We don’t like illegals getting free anything, including free healthcare. We don’t like people that sue doctors and hospitals for bogus complaints. Yes there are bad doctors and hospitals out there that should be sued for doing something wrong, but there needs to be some kind of tort reform to curtail these frivolous lawsuits. We don’t like non-citizens getting anything we pay for with our tax money. We don’t like the government sticking their nose into our healthcare or any thing else.


The democrats are liars. When they speak on Healthcare reform they are lying. These are politicians and that is what some of them do as casually as breathing. I for one do not trust them and I haven’t since 1978 when I changed parties.


This democratic party is looking to gain as much control of the American people as they can as fast as they can. Before a majority of us figure it out what their real plan is. That is why there was such a hurry to get the Healthcare Bill passed before the August recess for congress. They thought that people couldn’t read the bill in enough time to an organized response towards the bill. But because of the Internet blogs, FoxNews and talk radio getting the finer points about the bill out to the people; like Death counseling, tax on people with out insurance, tax on businesses with private insurance and cutting $500 billion from Medicare. People have become outraged and there is a backlash against the bill. The democrats thought if they could ram the bill through fast enough so the people wouldn’t be able to complain and possibly slow down the passage of the bill. Now it looks like what they thought was going to happen has happened and they are lashing out at the American people for opposing Healthcare reform. We have elected officials calling Americans Nazis and other names. But why would they do that, because it is from the democratic playbook. Make the opposition look bad, by calling us Nazis and fascist. That in it’s self is the pot calling the kettle black. These democratic leaders are the National Socialist, not the American people calling out their representatives for the mess they are trying to cram down our throats.


Look at what we have seen in the last 8 months; TARP, bailout of two of the auto companies and my favorite Cap and Trade. Luckily Cap and Trade has not made it through the Senate, yet. Yes, yet, because the democrats think that they can still ram Cap and Trade down our throats. Yes it can still happen. Which will probably happen while we are concentrating on Healthcare policies. These idiots think that since we are a rich country with a multi-trillion dollar economy that they can just tax the crap out of everyone and all businesses and pay for all this spending. Remember in the 80’s and 90’s how we called democrats the tax and spend party, well if this isn’t proof of that label, what do we need as proof that they are?


All these spending sprees we have seen in the last several months have culminated in the heated debate over Healthcare. Tonight I just watched a woman, possibly from ACORN, yelling at the top of her lungs supporting Healthcare, while at the same time holding a sign that reads Yelling is Counter Productive, WTF????? I guess the hippies and socialist are all pissed off that we are protesting since that was supposed to be their job, allot of them were professional protesters, so I’ve read. We are taking their jobs away from them and they don’t like it. They might also be miffed since we protesters aren’t tearing up the place and causing damage to other people’s property. How dare us actually protest and be civil.


More and more the polls are showing that people are turning away from government controlled healthcare. As of this writing 52% of people are against the government takeover of our physical freedom. I must mention that 47% of the morons out there still think it is a good idea that the government takes over the healthcare industry, since most of them are probably sucking on the government tit already. Also, the President’s job approval rating has dipped below 50%, at 47%, and seems to be steadily heading south because of all the spending he has done since taking office. Hell, President Bush and the Republicans were amateurs compared to this President and the democratically controlled congress. We were warned back in September of his wanting to “spread the wealth”, but 53% of the population didn’t listen. Why didn’t they listen, because for 8 years they had it drummed into their heads that President Bush and the Republicans were bad and we needed change. Well we got change and in the not too distant future that is all we’ll have in our pockets. We were warned he was a socialist, but people must have thought that it wasn’t true or that he couldn’t be that bad. Now we are finding out that he is a socialist and his dream of America is to make it into a third world country. We will become a country with a bunch of elitist democrats, while all the rest of us will be equally miserable, with no chance of bettering our lives or that of our children. Jimmy Carter you can now step down as worst President we have ever had, there is a new sheriff in DC. January 20th, 2013 can’t come fast enough.