My Opinion on Healthcare Reform

I recently got an email from my senator, John Cornyn (R) Texas, with a link to the Republican Party asking what I thought of the stimulus’ impact so far on the economy. Naturally I had to add my 2 cents worth about the main topic and I added my concerns about the Republican Party in the 2010 election. Here is what I had to say to the Republican Party-

Well with every liberal organization getting money to “help” the economy and most of the money being spent in 2010 so they can bribe the gullible to vote for them again, I believe the “stimulus” has done what it was intended by the DimoRats. This was nothing but a pay off to special interest groups for getting an America hating communist elected to the White House. There has been no help to the economy or getting people back to work. And just what in the hell is “saving jobs” all about anyway? Only a DimoRat would come up with crap like that to sell to the sheep who voted for the stupidest President we have had since Carter. I am sorry, but I have a Masters degree in Education and Political Science and I know more about the world, politics and the Presidency than this Poser in Chief, who might not even be a U.S. citizen. The guy is a great reader of a teleprompter, but in reality is as dumb as a stump when it comes to being the President of the greatest country this planet has ever seen. So no the “stimulus” has done nothing it was originally intended to do.

Do you guys want to be elected and regain a majority in Congress? If so you need to stop with all the nice guy crap and believing that the media will report what you say and do honestly. You need to start taking some cues from the Dims and attack these guys with all you have. Call them liars, which they are. Call them socialist or communist, which they are. Call them un-American, which they are. Stop acting like this is a high school debate and the other side will play nice, they aren’t going to do it. This is a street fight to them and you are acting like a bunch of wimps with wedgies. Stop believing that the media, who hates all things Republican and conservative, will actually report the facts on what we, do and think. Stop compromising with the liberals in Congress and stand up to them. Every time Republicans make a compromise with the Dims, they lose more ground to them. Make them come to us and compromise their so-called values and lose ground once in a while. Americans want leadership and someone to actually tell the truth and to stand up for America and her principles which is conservative in nature. Why in the hell do you think Ronald Wilson Reagan, the Greatest President ever, was elected two full terms? Because he stood up for America, believed in her and her conservative values. That is why he was elected in landslides both times. Who did Reagan run against? The two biggest liberal morons at the time, Carter and Mondale. Just going to show that Americans are basically conservative and not socialist. And believe me that if he had of ran against Nobama he would have kicked his ever-loving half-white ass all the way to Moscow where he belonged.

Well, that is my rant and take on the “stimulus” and re-electing Republicans to a majority in Congress. I hope you enjoyed it.


As a citizen of this country I was asked by the president to give my opinion on the Healthcare reform issue. So I went to the White House website and contacted the President with my opinion. He asked for it and I gave it to him. This is actually the unedited version I sent to my representatives in Washington. My wife was afraid the FBI would be knocking at the door if I sent this copy so I toned the President’s version down a little. Enjoy-


Mr. President,

I am writing you in opposition of your “new” healthcare initiative. As with Hilarycare back in 1993, this is the same tired old Socialized Medicine with a bright sparkly new name. When your heroes, the communist, took over Russia they were known as the Bolsheviks, meaning the majority. With all communist lies they pulled one over on the Russian people and the rest of the world, since only a small percentage of Russians supported the Bolsheviks. It is very similar to what you and the media are trying to pull over on the American people. In other words your supporters on this road to socialism are really a miniscule minority, not anywhere near a majority. In all actuality most Americans, depending on the poll are 60-80% against, do not support your call for Socialized Medicine or whatever name you are now calling it. What ever your plan is being called it is basically Socialized Medicine. The only people that want this plan are some of the retards that voted for you and the other losers that are perpetually in poverty. By the way is there an EXIT strategy on getting out of that “War on Poverty” that President Lyndon Johnson started over 40 years ago? And how is that war going? Are we winning?

It might be a shock to you and your minions, but the United States of America is a capitalist country, not a socialist one. We like to have options and choices. Remember that word Choice is pretty important when it comes to the Pro-Abortionist? That sir is America. Since you lived abroad during your formative years and were not educated in American schools, you probably didn’t learn much about what makes America great and therefore that would explain your hatred of your supposed birth country. The people that hate this country, like you, are jealous of what we have and what we have become, the last great country on the planet. The one people run to when they are looking for freedom and great medical attention. We as a nation have worked hard for what we have here; this place didn’t become what it is overnight. But under your administration we are to be ridiculed and punished for what we have. Instead of bringing the rest of the world to our standards, you and the other idiots in Congress want us to lower our standard of living to theirs. Oh that is except for you and Congress. It must be nice to say one thing and do another. Too bad we all can’t live that way. Oh wait, we are. It’s called America and capitalism. That is until you came along and the democrats took over Congress. Someone wrote recently about an article about you and they said that the terrorist better hurry up if they want to destroy the United States, because you just might beat them to it. Not too far off the truth meter on that one was he?

In the history of the world not one place that instituted any socialist theory based agenda has succeeded, not one. There are some still around but they are losers hanging on to a proven disaster. Even the Chinese have learned that capitalism is needed to keep socialism going. Even the stupid western Europeans are starting to awaken from the failed policies of socialism. Can you or one of your political hacks show me, or anyone for that matter, where socialism has worked? If you can I will stand corrected. Karl Marx was an idiot, something I teach my students every time I get the chance. Apparently lazy welfare losers are followers of this political failure, since they are the ones that always want something for nothing. Actually they want everything your average American has, but they don’t want to have to do anything to get it. The worker is the creator of wealth??? What about the guy that started the small family business and it grew to where he needed to hire people and thus giving them a place to work in the first place? Those workers are creating wealth? No, they are creating their own paycheck and making a little for the boss so he can keep growing his company, so he can hire more people. But the democrats say the small businessman doesn’t count, it’s the all knowing wealth creating worker that is so important. I can’t wait till the unions that now own Chrysler and Government Motors see what it really takes to keep a business going. I can tell you I won’t be buying one of their cars, Ford yes but not Green Motors or Chrysler. I used to love GM but not any more. They are just like the idiots at my school district, it’s all about getting the government money and but forgetting that there are government strings attached. Strings that screw up everything that was right to begin with by forcing the receiver to throw common sense out the window and bow down to the all knowing federal government. All it is sir is more social experimenting with people’s lives that were OK to begin with, but didn’t follow the group thinking of socialism. When you read George Orwell’s 1984, you were supposed to be for worker, not Big Brother.

Anyone with two brain cells that can communicate with each other knows what a loser this health care plan is. And why does it have to be implemented so fast? Because you and all the hacks in congress that support it know that as soon as the American people see what is really going on, they will march on that stink hole of a town, Washington, D.C. and fight tooth and nail against it. It wasn’t Hilary that people hated, OK maybe it was; it was Hilarycare itself that they hated. Just like Hilarycare, Obamacare will hopefully go the same way, on the fast track to file 13.

One last question, if this is so great a plan for the American people, why is it that the members of Congress and you don’t have to participate in it? I guess that pigs are more important than other animals; Animal Farm. I truly believe that you, the democrats and a few Republicans have forgotten that you work for US, we pay your salary and come the next election we can fire you. In my opinion, if the media had covered the 2008 election and President Bush for the 8 years he was in office with any kind of impartiality this country would have never voted for you or hardly any democrats. But maybe the American people are finally waking up to you and the crooks you have working for you and all that can change in the next election.

If you want to fix the healthcare industry and make it more affordable? Pay the bill the federal government owes the doctors and hospitals, stop paying for all illegals, not just Mexican illegals, medical cost, stop the frivolous law suits against doctors and just get the federal government out of the way. Humans do not have a constitutional or natural right to healthcare. That is some “pie in the sky” pipe dream the communist in Europe dreamed up to get the losers to support them. As humans we have a right to life, freedom and the pursuit of possessions, our own stuff. Those are the things President Jefferson wrote about, not the government handing out stuff to losers that won’t do for themselves.

I do not need, nor want, the federal, state or local government telling me how to live my life or know what my healthcare needs are. I have 2 university degrees and can think for myself. That is why I did not vote for you and will vote against you again in 2012. You are a socialist and know nothing about the job you are currently in, the office of the President, the institution of the Presidency or about America and Americans. I pray to God that you are voted out of office in 2012 so the country can fix what you have broken and whatever you might break during the next 3 years.

In case you have read this far and don’t know what my position is on Socialized Medicine or whatever euphemism you are currently using I am AGAINST it. I will be sending a copy of this letter to all 3 members of my congressional delegation, all Republicans by the way, so they will know what my opinion is and will vote accordingly.


I got two other emails asking for my support and to write my congressmen about anchor babies and the bill trying to get through the House of Representatives which would require future presidential hopefuls to prove their United States citizenship. I wrote the same letter for all of them, but did edit them where appropriate depending on whom I sent it to. Here are those letters-

The Anchor Baby Bill

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask for your support in the passing of the H.R.1868 – Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009 sponsored by Nathan Deal Republican from the great state of Georgia. I know this is a House bill, but I do not know if there is a like Senate bill. If there is not a bill of this nature in the Senate, perhaps you could start a similar bill. This is something the United States needs in order to maintain its sovereignty. We have people coming here today that want all the pleasures of being in America, but none of the responsibilities of being a citizen. Yes there are thousands of people that come here the right way and get their citizenship and I applaud them for doing it the right way. But still there are others that come here and have a child for the soul purpose of birthing a United States citizen. I read where travel agencies in Korea, for an example, would help you to plan your vacation when your baby was due. Thereby granting citizenship to the child and later to all relatives of that child. This is absurd. I have most recently read articles where we are the only or one of the few civilized/industrial counties that allows for anchor babies.

Who would have thought that when our forefathers wrote the 14th Amendment that people would use that law against us in this way, producing anchor babies. As with most Constitutional Amendments they are written with a disclaimer that Congress can pass laws to better define the Amendment; 14th Amendment Section. 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. Therefore this bill would pass Constitutional scrutiny by the courts.

Any support you could give to this bill would be greatly appreciated.

Proof of United States Citizenship Bill

Dear Congressman,

I am writing to ask for your support and sponsorship for Congressman Bill Posey’s, a freshman Representative from Florida, bill H.R. 1503. As you know the current resident of the White House has not proved his eligibility, as stated in the Constitution, to be President of this great country. Though this bill would only effect future Presidential candidates, it would send a clear message to the President that in order for him to run in 2012 he would have to produce his birth certificate. What he has given as evidence of his eligibility so far is not a birth certificate, but proof of his being born alive, maybe in Hawaii.

Recently I saw a segment of The O’Reilly Factor on FoxNews and they were saying how the President is possibly using this issue to show how people on the “right” are crazy for asking for real proof of his citizenship. I believe they are right. It is typical leftist tactics so the Kool-Aide drinkers will keep their support for the poser in chief. And the media is supporting this endeavor by the President, by negatively portraying people that question the President’s right to be President of the United States. To end all of the speculation all he needs to do is produce his legal birth certificate and all the questions will end. But he and his political hacks are fighting this and defaming the name of the good people of this great country that even ask for proof of his citizenship.

Thank you for your time and support of this bill H.R. 1503

I do not write on all subjects to my congressmen, but I do try to communicate with them what I believe the average American thinks. This is my first time to write in my diary, but it won’t be my last. I write a lot about current subjects and share them with my friends and family and now with Red States. Sometimes they will forward my writings to others, so there is no telling if some of the stuff I have written in the past is today. I hope those of you that read my works like it and if you don’t, just remember it was one person’s opinion, mine. I write to blow off steam, get my head back straight and sometimes entertain my friends and family.