Dancing with the Devil... Romney style

New details keep emerging as both conservative and liberal bloggers keep digging into Romney’s recent stint as Governor of Massachusetts. It recently came out that Romney’s closest advisers were invited by the Obama White House to discuss how to help craft the act known as Obamacare, using the Romneycare template. It’s bad enough that Romney has advisers that are on the same page policy wise with health care as the Obama administration. Now it seems that there are more connections that don’t bode well.

It seems that Romney is still an AWG believer and supports CO2 caps. If this isn’t bad enough, Romney went to Holdren, yes this John Holdren who Glenn Beck referred to as one of the most evil men in America, to help design his strict greenhouse gas regulations while as governor.

As they say the Devil is in the details. Are we left to wonder if Romney wins the Presidency, will he just hire on all of Obama’s advisers and Czars? It’s bad enough that the Democrats are already coming out with their attack on Mitt Romney with a “which Mitt?” theme. I think Perry should alter his Obama-lite moniker of Romney to one of “Obama 2.0”