The Very Committed Swing Voters of the HotAir survey

The HotAir October Candidate Survey was put out and the results are now up.

As many of us here know, the readership of HotAir.com is probably a bit more conservative than the general GOP base on average. The results of the survey though show just how fluid the race still is.

Herman Cain has bolted to the top of the rankings of all preferred candidates to 39% from a low of 3% last month. Among declared candidates, Cain has 58%. Romney is holding at 6%, up from… 5%. Palin for some odd reason is holding at 32% even after it’s becoming obviously apparent that she isn’t running. Even Christie is clocking in at 6%, which I guess some think no means yes. Bachmann has completely collapsed down to 1% after going off the deep end.

Which brings me to Perry. Perry shot up to 48% in the previous month. Now he’s down to 12%. The illegal immigration issue seems to be hitting Perry hard. I think the “don’t have a heart” comment topped off the issue and has people seeing red. I have seen him in personal interviews that I mentioned in a previous post, where he’s much better now, but he’ll have to do much more in order to gain back support he’s lost. Personally I would recommend to Perry to hire Frank Luntz and work with him on getting a simple strait forward positive message that the majority population is looking for in such depressing times.

Other stats though show an interesting picture. The male to female ratio seems pretty high for males. Although I do have to ask, is that normal, as the tendency of the parties is to have a so called “gender gap”?

The most interesting part of the survey is the “committed” question. So many indicate that they are “very committed” to their candidate of choice, yet month to month now we’re seeing huge swings on the conservative side of the candidates. I don’t think people are as committed as they think they are. This is more telling than all the polls so far in the race.

One last thing, there are candidates who are consistently not getting much support. As you see in the polling, all of the candidates on the RINO side are showing a ceiling to their support instead of a bottom.