I finally see the Rick Perry I've seen before

I just finished reading an article over at HotAir.com on a Rick Perry interview at CNBC. I also watched the video of the interview which is imbedded.

FINALLY Rick Perry showed the confidence and poise that I’ve seen before he got into the race. He also finally explained in easy to understand reasons as to many of the issues he’s been hit with lately. It was also nice to see the governor of Florida there who also joined in on the interview.

Tina Korbe wrote the article and made the following quote.

“We need to have an immigration policy that’s thoughtful,” Perry said. ”We’re a rule of law country. We’ve got to have a secure border so that we know who’s coming in and we’re making the right decisions about who should come in and when they should come in and how long they should stay.”

Then, in a subject-concluding statement that sounded anything but weak, Perry promised to secure the border and “end illegal immigration” if elected president.

If Perry starts doing this with other issues like Social Security, I can see him regaining his footing and climbing back in the polls. What do you all think?