Pollposition : Perry’s lead slips, Cain surges

For some odd reason this poll that was completed Sunday night Sept. 25 has not gotten any press. So here’s some press.

In a national Poll Position telephone survey Sunday night of registered voters who said they’d vote in the Republican primary in 2012, 22% said they’d vote for Perry, 19% for Romney, 15% for Cain, 8% for Newt Gingrich, 5% for Ron Paul, 5% for Rick Santorum, and 3% for Michelle Bachmann. Five percent said they’d favor someone else, and 18% said they had no opinion on the question.

I’m guessing the Five percent for someone else is a combination of Huntsman, Johnson and others.

They seem to have standard polling methods for this poll.

This Poll Position scientific telephone survey questioned 507 registered voters nationwide who said they would vote in the 2012 Republican primary or caucus. The poll was conducted September 25, 2011 and has a margin of error of ±4%.

The QOTD has to be, will Cain be able to keep and expand on this surge after the success he had over the weekend. I know another poll put him in the lead, but we’ve already had discussions over that and don’t really count it.

Having checked around the conservative bloggosphere, some are starting to really warm up to Cain. Jain over at You Too, Congress! had to comment after this weekends events.

Despite the “Rick Perry for President” Bumpersticker on my car, I’m rapidly becoming a Herman Cain fan. Cain had a great debate Thursday night and handily won the Florida straw poll on Saturday.

She had even more to say but I’ll let you drop on by to read her musings.

Now I know it’s still way early, but it is fun to watch the race as it unfolds.