Pardon me while I sip my tea...

As the world turns edition.

Some days, as I read through the news postings, it seems that the world in one place or another, is having world shattering crises that will change the world as we know it. Well pardon me while I sit back and sip my tea to relax.

I can see you looking at me with a puzzled look, wanting to scream that if we don’t do something, life as we know it will change forever. I nod in agreement that life as we know it does change. This pisses off some who are active and on the go to “do something”. I ask what this “something” you want to do is. As you rattle off your ideas, I hear someone else behind you come up and say well I agree mostly but some of those ideas won’t work and we should try some other ideas they have. My head is spinning and it feels like Charlie Brown listening to his teacher saying “blah blah blah.. blah blah bla-blah”.

At this point, I just want to join the 50% of the population that just want to get by in life, having a little enjoyment along the way. I sip my tea, enjoying the flavor as it washes past my taste buds. I watch from a distance the dance of the politically engaged fighting for the goal lines on opposite ends of the field. People argue over who the quarterback should be while the rest of the team has been running plays without one. A quarterback completes the team, but alone can’t make the team successful.

Why is it that I seem so laid back and not as wound up as many others seem to be? I’ll let you in on a little secret I’ve learned early in my life. I’ve learned that things do work out in the end. It might not be what you thought or expected, but it does work out. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard towards your life goals, you should, but don’t be despondent if you fail or things didn’t work out like you initially wanted. The way I see it, one failure opens the door to a new opportunity that could be even better.

This philosophy of mine helps me stay positive in life. As the old saying goes, success comes from 10% sweat, 80% positive attitude and 10% BS. I take the last swig of tea, having enjoyed the relaxing time sitting back and reflecting on life. I’m so glad that my daughter has finally learned the value of hard work, along with the money she has personally earned. She works in an AT&T store at the mall, having already moved up to assistant manager after just 3 months. Talking to her about work, she’s learned more about the real world than she would have in 4 years of college. It has worked out with her, even after she had to deal with divorced parents since she was age 3.

I have a feeling that her generation will do better than we give credit. She is reflective of the can do attitude Americans have. The ability I’ve seen over and over again in America, when people say our time is behind us, somehow we overcome by reinventing ourselves. There is one big difference our country has compared to past super powers. We have people who know that money makes the world turn, but it’s an idea that can transform that world over. This is why I see great things ahead for us.

Take for instance people on the conservative side of the political isle who see socialism creeping into our lives more everyday. Yes it is true, those who want socialism keep pushing for more. But i counter that the more they push, the more capitalism will either push back or find ways around it. This is why socialist don’t get why their plans never seem to last or work out like they think it should. One example of a way around is Glenn Beck taking the route of going through religious institutions, pulling them together, and having them become a much stronger influence for good.

I also see a new level of technology that will help us get past the socialists. Here’s what I see in the next 25 to 50 years ahead. I see the electric grid going away while we flush our toilets to power our homes. Just think about it, your house will include it’s own power source. A new cheap synthetic gasoline with no carbon emissions which looks to only cost $1.50 per gallon. I see the education system changing over time, moving away from teachers and unions to a collaborative interactive system like Salman Khan has developed. There are stories of people developing educational software based on a fun gaming reward system that would help students learn all of high school in one year.

There is one thing I think will really change the world technology wise. It is a one word term, GRAPHENE. Graphene is a carbon based type material that promises to replace the use of rare earth materials in electronics and many other uses. It comes from processing graphite, which is about as abundant as water is. It will have as big an effect as the internet has had in the last 2 decades.

The future holds so much promise that I am not that worried about the present. I hope everyone who reads this is able to reflect on the bigger picture, and end up feeling the same way that I do. Just remember not to take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive. In the mean time, pardon me while I have another cup of tea.