Mitt Romney cites bipartisan record in a townhall

Mitt Romney was down in Miami, FL Wednesday holding a small townhall meeting talking and answering a few questions.

Some of his answers showed that he could be as “bi-partisan” as John McCain can be. Asked how he would work to elect a GOP majority in the Senate, Romney stressed his record working with Massachusetts legislative Democrats and said he could do it again in Washington.

“It would be nice to have my party in power,” Romney said. “But I’m not going to ignore the other party.”
“In Miami, Romney said he reached out to Democrats to make deals — most notably, the state health care plan, which he did not explicitly mention during Wednesday’s event.”

Huh? Does he not want a Republican majority? This just goes to show that Romney is the quivering jello mass who will not stand up for the conservative ideals or people while under withering attack. So many of us remember how it was so frustrating when GWB would not respond to outright lies and distortions of what was going on. We didn’t have GWB standing up like Reagan did while facing down both a Democratic congress and Soviet Russia. That standing up forcefully is what made Reagan a great president and GWB a failure in so many conservative’s eyes.

Of course Romney didn’t stop his quivering there.

Massachusetts Democrats weren’t the only ones on his mind. During an attack on Texas Gov. Rick Perry for his claim that Social Security is unconstitutional, Romney pointed out that Ronald Reagan “was a believer in Social Security” and said he intends to “protect it for future generations.”

He then added: “This came out of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and I think it’s pretty darn good, and I’d like to keep it.”

So if I get this strait, Romney thinks a program FDR came up with is “pretty darn good”? Excuse me while I go puke up my dinner.

The article continues on about how Canada has this great immigration policy, that Sec. Duncan has done great things through the federal government, including the Obama – Race to the Top program. It’s all pretty sickening to read the quivering but I did get some relief when a Perry spokesman gave a response to it all.

“Mitt Romney’s own book compared Social Security to a criminal enterprise,” spokesman Ray Sullivan said. “Now Mr. Romney is again sounding like a Democrat, distorting the truth and trying to scare senior citizens. As he has so many times in the past, Mr. Romney seems to forget he’s a Republican.”

OUCH! The truth hurts when it’s a fact, and the fact is, Romney is too “bi-partisan” for me.