Romney channels his inner liberal against Perry in Florida

Seems that Romney is going to use the liberal attack line “Rick Perry: How can we trust anyone who wants to kill Social Security?” leading up to the next debate down in Tampa, FL.

The Tampa Bay Online news site has the details.

I am shocked that Romney would go to such underhandedness… oh who am I kidding. Of course he would resort to lying about his opponent who is leading him in the polls. I am curious to see how this plays out for Romney. If Perry comes back in the next debate and dispels this myth that Romney is putting out, it could really backfire on Romney. But what if the fliers go to people that aren’t really paying attention and to the debates, it could hurt Perry once those seniors start talking to all their friends.

I am curious as to what everyone else thinks. Any theories as to what Romney and Perry might be doing behind the scenes to jockey for the lead? I myself always try to see all this like a chess board and trying to see what the moves mean in the end.

UPDATE: Seems that Michele Bachmann is going to try and hit Perry on Social Security as well. Byron York has the details at the Washington Examiner I’m really disappointed that Michele would go this route but she is desperate to get back some traction after Perry took so much air out of her campaign.

Even Newt Gingrich seems to be knocking Perry on the Social Security issue in New Hampshire. It was reported that he said SS was “real”. But then said we should work to have young people under 40 be able to opt out. The Politico has a few excerpts but doesn’t really expand or have a transcript of what he said there. If anyone can find out if Newt published his remarks and link them, that would be great.

This is getting really interesting…