Sarah Palin - I don't see her running for Prez

I have been tracking a lot of the news events on Sarah Palin. I know most of those that are really believe in Sarah are still pushing the notion that she’s just taking her time to announce that she is running for President.

I just don’t see it. She’s dragging things along to keep the media interested in her, but I think it’s for a different reason. I think she is using her popularity to help keep interest in the TEA party and help build the movement. I think she sees herself as a role model for those wanting to get into politics and help move the entire field to the conservative side.

Here’s why I say so. I see not only the actual change in politicians and the change of government, but the change of society itself. Think of it this way. If you see a convergence of the political side, the economic side, and the religious side in a way no one ever expected, wouldn’t you want to be at the front of it help leading the way?

More people are getting into politics who are more conservative, and sticking it out. This is really needed to slowly turn back the damage liberal socialist policies have done over the last century. So many states in 2010 turned their entire state level governments from Democrat control to Republican control. We also had the 2010 census and redistricting, which will help solidify Republican control in many states.

The TEA party is focusing on the economic side of things as it applies to political policies. Much of this movement has been helped by social media, as well as not getting tied to any political party has kept it going. The TEA party is the 2nd leg of 3 that is making huge changes, but it’s only a third of the electorate. It needs some backing.

The religious right, has been on the wane for the last decade but has found new energy as the world looks like something the end of the world coming. The surprising leadership on the religious side, I see, is none other than Glenn Beck. He has been working behind the scenes gathering religious leaders of nearly all faiths here in the US to help push conservative ideals in the USA, pushing back the tide of liberalism and all that.

I see Sarah filling the role of helping lead the TEA party leg. To be the educator of the public, using her ability to get media exposure. She has several things still going, that any person considering a run would have to put aside.

– She still has her FoxNews contract, and hasn’t been asked to drop if she is considering a run. The Huckster and Newt had to drop before they came out about a month later.
– She is scheduled for the TEA party events in Iowa and NH over the labor day weekend. I still don’t see any news other than TEA Party hype here.
– She is scheduled to attend Glenn Beck’s Defending the Republic Rally on October 7. All of the other candidates have been keeping their distance from anyone who would be a lightning rod to liberals and “moderates”.
– She is scheduled to attend the World Knowledge Forum from Oct 11-13. This would also conflict with a scheduled Republican debate around the same time.
– She has to register for the early primaries I believe by the end of October, which means having a team in place and organized at least several weeks before hand.

There is also polling which has been consistent in that even with her included, she has lost support and is only polling around 8%. Large numbers are also saying she shouldn’t run. Her politician side should be looking at that honestly.

She has said before that she knows she can’t string people along for too long. She has even dropped hints in writings she has posted at her Facebook page. I think she’ll finally come out mid September and say she’ll lead in helping the country and the Republican party but not run. I doubt at that point she’ll give her support to any candidate until after a clear winner in 2012 primaries. I could be wrong there, maybe if she see’s a good strong candidate (Perry) she’ll come out for them.

Let the flaming begin…..