Perry off to a strong start...

There are 2 new national polls out today on the GOP race. Gallup came out with their national poll showing Perry with 29% to Romney’s 17% and Paul at 13%. With Palin included, Perry is at 25%, Romney at 14% and Palin and Paul tied at 11%.


Public Policy Polling also came out with their national poll of the GOP race. Perry was a bit stronger at 33% to 20% for Romney without Palin included. With Palin, Perry is at 27%, Romney at 17% and Palin coming in 3rd at 13%.


Both Gallup and PPP did include and exclude Palin and Rudy to get data on where those voters would go if either did or didn’t get into the race. Either way Perry’s numbers stay strong. I’ll leave it up to everyone else to figure out what that means. It’s still early though and anything can happen.

A US Senator has come out and said he will be endorsing Perry. It’s the senator to the north of Texas, Senator Inhofe. Here is a write up over at Hotair.


There are others on the state level that are beginning to come out and endorse Perry. I’ve seen stories that Perry is going through his national contacts in locking up funding sources. He’s contacting those in Iowa who have been trying to get Chris Christie to run, to support him instead.

At this point I’m expecting the liberals, socialist, Ronulans, Palinites, GOP elitists, ect to really up the ante with made up stories about Perry. I came across one story written back in January, of an event supposedly Perry went to and made all sorts of weird comments.


I’ve searched long and hard online for a second source to this story and couldn’t find one. I even checked the calendar schedule for the US Chamber of Commerce and didn’t see anything listed in Texas during the entire 6 months leading up to this article. I figure it’s a made up story, but maybe the awesome RedState folks can confirm this story as a complete fictional account.

We all should be on the look out, since stuff like this has been on rise.