Rick Perry's "Entitlement Problem"?

The Daily Beast came out with another “hit piece” on Rick Perry today.  Andrew Romano asked the question “Is Perry electable?”

Here is a quote from a part of the article  on why he is asking the question.

“Rick Perry seems to perfectly embody the Republican zeitgeist of the moment, appealing equally to the GOP’s Tea Party, Christian Right, and establishment factions while exemplifying the militant anti-Obama attitude that holds it all together.”

The only problem? Perry has almost no chance—unlike, say, Romney, Pawlenty, or even Jon Huntsman—of beating Barack Obama in the general election.

This isn’t because he “sounds too much like” George W. Bush, as almost every pundit in Washington has been repeating, ad nauseam, since Perry first hinted in May that he might run. And it’s not because he’s “too religious”, either.

The real reason Perry will find it nearly impossible to win a general election is, believe it or not, substance. He holds three positions that vast majorities of the American public, Republicans included, will simply refuse to stomach—that America would be better off without the federal programs known as Social Security and Medicare, and that the government should do nothing (zero, zilch, nada) to counteract an economic crash.

Source:  http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/08/12/rick-perry-exclusive-newsweek-interview-calls-for-dismantling-social-security-and-medicare.html
O-M-G the horror!!!! A politician that actually wants to work towards moving power to the states, to do away with the social programs that putting our country on the verge of collapse, and someone economically smart enough to have the right reaction and solution to economic problems.  I have been trying to find background on what Rick Perry has done as Governor of Texas and before that.  Seems that others who think they are writing a hit piece on Perry are actually helping me find out very pleasant things about him.
I think I’m just going to sit back and let others do the work.  I’ve seen the so called bad stuff that when I check into it doesn’t play out as fact.  This will be an interesting race for sure.