Half of Last Month's New Jobs Came from a Single Employer — McDonald's

I followed a link to a review of the jobs report that just came out for May.  They noted that the 62,000 jobs that McDonald’s added came after April’s job survey.  This means that the 62,000 jobs weren’t included in April, but in May’s job report.  They do note that the Labor Department does make allowances for this normal increase in summer jobs usually to cover the demand of the summer months.  I’m guessing that means they try to level out the large increase over several months, whatever that means.

Still, it gets me in the craw.  All during the 80’s, where the economy took off at 9% from 1983 to 84, and settling to about 5% a few years later.  The liberals kept saying, oh those are all just burger flipper jobs and service jobs that didn’t pay much.  Of what I know of that decade, most of the jobs were good paying management and investment jobs that eventually spread to all sectors.  For the 1990’s, the tech boom hit and fueled a big boom that increased productivity exponentially, as well as provide tax free ways to do business.

Now we have actual proof that this President should be known as the burger flipper prez.   Anyone for a McBama burger?  Plenty of bun, a head of shredded lettuce, a slice of government cheese, but no meat inside.