Missouri moves from 9 to 8 electorial districts.

Democrats hardest hit.

Missouri lost one of it’s congressional districts in the latest 2010 census.  We had 6 Republicans and 3 Democrats.  The 3 Democrats were located in St. Louis and Kansas City.  Now one of those Democrats is having his St. Louis district combined into the other one.  Democrat Russ Carnahan’s third district was eliminated in the new plan, while the districts currently held by Republicans were strengthened. The Republican dominated Missouri House and Senate was able to override the veto of Democrat Gov. Nixon.

Here are a few links to show the changes.  This means one less Democrat in congress.



Other states who lost districts seem to be losing Democrat districts as well.  I’m guessing around 6 to 8 Democrats will lose their districts.  This means a change of 12 to 16 more Republicans than Democrats in the house just by redistricting.  I just hope Texas gets it’s act together for more Republicans.