The gloves come off?

Plenty of commentary available for everyone to digest about Sarah Palin’s speech last night, so only a few two cents’ worth here:

  1. Most precious moment of the night: Piper Palin fixing Trig’s hair.

  2. One of CNN’s female talking heads, and I paraphrase: now that she has proven she can go on attack, the BHO campaign can finally broadside her without worry of how it will be received.

Apropos of (1). I’ve seen on TV how some of the more liberal talking heads call the Palin family’s authenticity a “marketing ploy.” This is NOT marketing.

Apropos of (2). You mean to say the media hasn’t taken its gloves off yet in praise of The One? You mean NOW the BHO campaign can take THEIR gloves off? The funniest part is because you folks in the Liberal Media have jumped your guns, she’s very likely going to be prepared with anything, and I mean anything, that BHO can throw at her. With a smile and a smirk and with perfect composure, I can almost hear her say now: “Is that all?”